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Slip and Fall in Boston

Slip and Fall refers to an injury accident where a person slips or trips and then falls, typically on another person's property. Slip and fall cases are usually considered "premises liability" claims. Premises liability claims can be tricky because a person making a claim must consider both the kind of duty the owner of the property owed the injured person, and the circumstances surrounding the injury.

Since there is no exact formula in order to decide whether someone else was at fault for your slip or trip and fall injury, it may be best to speak to a Boston Personal Injury lawyer to determine whether you have a claim.

Recently in Slip and Fall in Boston:

Your Icy Sidewalk Could Lead to a Lawsuit in Massachusetts

We're about midway through the icy driveway season (or icy front steps season), which means you've successfully avoided a lawsuit during the first half of the winter. So congratulations!

The bad news is that you still have about a month before the temperature will be consistently above freezing. Luckily, there's still time to prepare yourself so you can prevent a slip and fall lawsuit.

We've all seen it happen before: icy walkway, a person slips, his feet go over his head and he hits but or back or head on the ground. But if he doesn't stand back up, you could have a legal problem on your hands.

U Mass Student's Death From Fall Ruled an Accident

A student at University of Massachusetts died after falling while walking with friends on November 16.

Her death has now been ruled an accident, after investigators looked into the cause, reports The Associated Press.

The woman, who remains unidentified out of respect for her family, suffered head injuries after falling on Fearing Street while walking with friends. According to reports, she had been drinking prior to the fall.

Don't Make this a Different Kind of 'Black' Friday!

Starting today, the Thanksgiving holiday weekend begins. Bostonians will close their computers at work, head home and enjoy a weekend of knowing that Massachusetts law prohibits employees from working on Thanksgiving .

Then comes Black Friday. The shops open at midnight, people line up outside and the mayhem begins.

While mall owners are prepping themselves for the crowds, they should also be arming themselves for the liability involved, as we discussed in our Boston Real Estate Law Blog.

But seeing as the concepts are so intrinsically tied to personal injury (premises liability is one of those cross-over issues), it merited a discussion on this blog.

Woman Falls on Tracks at Andrews MBTA Station

Are Boston area subways unsafe for passengers?

Falling onto the rails of a subway would be a petrifying experience. A 44-year-old woman had to suffer through several minutes of sheer fear as she walked into a subway pit at the Andrews MBTA station on Monday afternoon.

Luckily for the woman, she escaped unharmed. Well, relatively unharmed. She was taken to Boston Medical Center with a minor leg injury.

Beware Slip and Fall Lawsuits This Halloween!

It’s Halloween week and what better time to talk about slip-and-fall injuries than now?

Slip and fall injuries aren’t the only potential injury concerns at Halloween. But they’re a major category to consider, especially if you plan to give out candy this year.

In some areas, masses of youngers turn out for trick-or-treating. With crowds, excitement, sugared-up little tykes and darkness, you’ll want to keep an eye out for hidden dangers on your property.

Here are a few pointers to avoid a slip-and-fall lawsuit this Halloween:

Ask St. Patrick About Legal Advice On Premises Liability

People get together on St. Patrick’s Day in Boston, especially at one another’s houses. But sometimes when there are parties people also get injured. And if that happens, you might be liable for the guest’s injury.

What’s that all about? What would St. Patrick say about that?

Well actually, we wouldn’t want to hazard a guess about what the venerable St. Patrick would say. However, as it often does, the law has plenty to say about premises liability.

Woman Falls Through Roof in South Boston, Dies

A sad headline: young woman falls through roof in South Boston and dies. The unidentified woman, who was only in her twenties, fell nearly five stories through a skylight on the roof of 281 Summer Street.

The woman and a friend were standing on the roof of the building on Saturday night, reports The Boston Globe. The friend could not remember where exactly the victim was standing, but she apparently fell through an unmarked shaft on the roof.

Natural Dangers: Needham Boy Falls 150 Feet at Aubrey Falls

A 14-year old boy from Needham fell 150 feet from an Aubrey Falls rock and lived to tell about it. This accident is just the latest in a series of accidents this summer at national parks and campsites that show the natural dangers of the wild.

According to WCVB TV, the unidentified teen was standing on the edge of the rock at the Canadian park when he fell 150 feet into a gorge. Due to the steep grade, it took a five-man technical team to rescue the boy, who miraculously, was not seriously injured.

4-Year-Old Mark DiBona Dies After Falling Off Sears Escalator

Some Boston locals may have heard about 4-year-old Mark DiBona from Dudley, who recently died after falling off an escalator in the Sears department store in Auburn Mall. Worcestor County District Attorney Joseph Early said the incident occurred as the child rode the escalator with his family and a friend.

The boy had taken hold of the escalator railing but was suddenly pulled over, causing him to fall two floors down and onto the glass case of the store. The Boston Herald reported Auburn police officials and firemen arrived at the scene moments after the accident and brought the young boy to UMass Memorial Medical Center, where he died a day later.

Snow No: Many Snow-Related Injuries, Near Misses

Boston is so overwhelmed by snow, ice, and more snow, that the whole city might feel like one big slip and fall lawsuit, just waiting to happen. This year's storms have been so bad, they are making the everyday winter accident worries a thing of the past. The Boston Globe reports no serious injuries in the past several days, but one very close call in Easton.

Workers in a commercial building reported becoming worried after hearing odd sounds, according to The Globe. One smart employee pulled the fire alarm, causing all 100 or so workers from the two businesses in the building to stream outside into the frigid weather. It was lucky they did, soon after, the warehouse's roof collapsed and the walls caved in.