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Fraud / Economic Injury in Boston

Fraud is defined as any act, expression, omission or concealment that deceives one person for the advantage of another. Fraud offenses include some kind of false statement, misrepresentation, or deceit. The main purpose of fraud is to gain something of value (usually money or property) by misleading someone.

Often the discovery of fraud leads one to feel betrayal and suffer psychological distress, so fraud can also become the basis of an “intentional infliction of emotional distress” claim. The types of fraud a person may suffer range from everything from bankruptcy to tax fraud, identity theft, to insurance fraud, or telemarketing fraud. To find out what kind of damages you can seek if you’ve been defrauded, you should speak to a Boston Personal Injury lawyer.

Recently in Fraud / Economic Injury in Boston:

DOJ Sues Bank of America for Mortgage Fraud

Bank of America is being sued by the federal government for mortgage fraud.

According to Reuters, the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit in a Manhattan federal district court against Bank of America, citing that the bank sold toxic home loans to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

This time, the mortgage fraud case isn't criminal. It's civil. Which makes it ripe for a personal injury discussion.

Kids Don't Get into Harvard, So Family Sues Educational Advisor

We hear of parents who are serious about sending their kids to Ivy League schools. They put their kids in the top private elementary schools. They fill their weekend schedules with tutoring and various lessons.

They even hire outside consultants to advise them on how to get their child into Harvard, reports The Boston Globe.

But what if all of this fails?

Then they sue.

Middleboro Sweepstakes Scam: Couple Mailed Boxes of Cash

Is it rare to get swindled by Canadians?

Maybe, but that seems to have been what happened to a Middleboro scammed couple that mailed three boxes full of $94,000 in cash to try and claim bogus sweepstakes winnings, reports Enterprise News.

Moral of the story: don't mail boxes full of cash to people you don't know.

Don't be the Victim of a Loan Modification Scam

In a fairly ingenuous piece of scam-busting, the Mass. Office of Consumer Affairs created an entire front-facing website that mimics and models itself after the usual loan modification scamming websites. It has all the same big-sized fonts, images of distressed people holding their head, and lots of use of the word “foreclosure.” It even has testimonials from made-up people.

The foreclosure fraud website looks so legit that you will actually think that ModExperts is a real company.

However, the moment you click on any of the outbound links, you are taken to a second page which screams: THIS IS A SCAM. You also see a big sign for the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation.

Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping

With the holiday shopping season in full-swing, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley and the Retailers Association of Massachusetts teamed up to offer tips for safe holiday shopping.

These tips are broken down for in-store shopping and online shopping.

Medicare Open Enrollment and Reporting Medicare Fraud

This year, Medicare open enrollment begins about a month earlier. Starting October 15, and running until December 7, those over the age of 65 or younger people with disabilities will have a chance to change their Medicare Advantage or prescription drug plans for 2012.

Open enrollment basically gives you a chance to review your current Medicare plan and pick a different plan if it works better for you. This option is only available once a year, so you should choose wisely. In addition, as plans often change annually, you should review your current plans even if you were happy in the past year.

Pink Ribbon Fraud, Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month when you see pink and pink ribbons plastered on just about every product. Even NFL players sport pink shoes, gloves, and ribbons for one week of the month. However, you should watch out for pink ribbon fraud and those wanting to take advantage of this good cause.

Breast cancer advocates are warning consumers that buying merchandise emblazoned with a pink ribbon or pink packaging is no guarantee that your money will actually go to fighting the disease, reports Gatehouse News Service.

Supreme Court Says No Penalty in Spygate Case Against Patriots

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Patriots fans in Boston might be happy to hear that the Supreme Court made the final call in the "Spygate" case against the Patriots and coach Bill Belichick. According to the Associated Press, New York Jets season ticket holder and lawyer Carl Mayer filled suit against the New England team for allegedly secretly taping the Jets' signals when the two teams met on the field over seven years.

No foul, said the U.S. District Court judge who originally heard the case. Mayer's claim was based on the legal theory that the fans who bought Jets season tickets were defrauded because the ticket holders were seeing a game that was essentially rigged. The Supreme Court, dismissing the appeal without comment, let the decision of the federal appeals court stand.

Karen Tucker Pleads Guilty to Bridal Show Scam

Karen M. Tucker, the Pittsburg native who engineered a bridal show scam in Boston, agreed to plead guilty to charges of identity theft and federal wire fraud, according to the Boston Globe. Prosecutors will ask a federal court judge to sentence Tucker with 36 to 47 months of jail time in a plea bargain.

Though Karen Tucker's case falls under criminal law, a Boston personal injury attorney can tell you that fraud can also be filed as a civil suit for victims seeking recovery in damages. False representation of a matter of fact that misleads or is meant to deceive another person is generally considered fraud.

Immigration Scam Targets Illegal Irish Immigrants

The Boston Herald reports that undocumented Irish immigrants in the Boston area are being targeted in an immigration scam. In move that would shock a Boston personal injury lawyer, it seems that the individuals behind this scam are fellow attorneys. The immigration scam involves Irish illegal immigrants being approached by lawyers who claim that they can get the immigrants a green card in the span of six months for $15,000. Authorities say that this often is not the case and that the attorneys just pocket the money and disappear.

According to WCVB Boston, immigrants who have been approached by attorneys promising green cards in a small amount of time for a fee should report the matter to authorities. Eva Millona, executive director of the Massachusetts Immigrants & Refugee Advocacy Coalition told WCVB Boston that there have been scams like this in other immigrant groups such as Latinos and Brazilians in the Boston metro area.