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January 2014 Archives

Icy Roads Mean Dicey Driving Conditions

New England's wintry weather conditions have wreaked havoc on the area's roads. From a string of fatal car accidents to sudden road closures, drivers are understandably on edge about getting behind the wheel, reports The Associated Press.

As all Bostonians know, the combination of rain and snowmelt can make for treacherous road conditions.

Fortunately, there are simple precautions drivers can take to help prevent accidents on icy roads.

Woman Crushed to Death in Drawbridge Accident

A tragic accident at the Meridian Street drawbridge crushed a woman and killed her.

The woman was crossing the drawbridge when it began rising for a boat. When the drawbridge was raised, the woman fell and was crushed by the bridge, according The Boston Herald.

Although officials are classifying the death as an accident, Boston's Public Works Department could be liable for the woman's death.