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5 Dangerous Teen Trends All Parents Should Know About

Dangerous teen trends stir up a range of reactions from parents: concern, confusion, and eyerolls. But remember, if your kids end up partaking in a series of ill-advised YouTube challenges, you're the one who may end up on the hook. If any of your children's friends get hurt from a #dumbteenchallenge gone wrong, you could be on the hook for that, too.

Here are five dangerous teen trends all parents should know about:

  1. Trunking. Many states prohibit teens under the age of 18 from driving with other teens. To get around graduated license laws, many teens are having their friends ride in the trunks of their cars. It's a dangerous trend because kids riding in the trunk can be injured or killed in a car accident.
  2. Condom challenge. Rather than just use a love glove to prevent unwanted pregnancies, many teens have taken up the "condom challenge." It entails snorting a condom through the nose and pulling it out from the mouth. It's gross and dangerous -- a double win for dumb teens.
  3. Salt and ice challenge. Teens play this game by pouring salt into their hands and then adding ice cubes. Whoever can withstand the burning pain the longest wins -- and loses, since they may wind up with second and third degree burns.
  4. "Love" bites. Taking a turn for the "Twilight" ridiculous, teens are actually biting each other's necks. And they're not even vampires. Things might feel a little less romantic when they contract HIV, hepatitis, or some other infection from so-called "vampire biting." Where vampire biting happens, vampire litigation may soon follow.
  5. Butt chugging. Alcohol enemas are the new big thing on college campuses and frats. Yeah, it's basically a beer bong... inserted where the sun don't shine. Remember kids, vodka and rectums don't mix well.

If your child is a victim of a dangerous teen trend gone wrong, you may want to speak with an experienced Boston personal injury attorney to learn what your options are to recover medical expenses.

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