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Common Summer Camp Injuries Can Lead to Lawsuits

Summer camps are supposed to be fun for your kids. But summer camp injuries are the exact opposite of that, and are often even more of a nightmare for parents.

So this year, before you send your little ones off to their much-anticipated summer camp, it may be helpful to educate yourself. Watch out for these common summer camp injuries that can often lead to lawsuits:

  • Slip and fall accidents. As far as summer camp injuries go, slip and fall accidents may be the most common. Usually when these accidents occur at camp, the camp can be held liable as the property owner. This is especially true if it is found that the grounds were improperly maintained.
  • Fights. Children can, and will, get into scuffles. While horsing around and participating in outdoor activities like team sports may just naturally lead to confontations, encouraging your child to communicate with words rather than his fists is a good start. In some cases, fights can be attributed to a camp's negligent failure to supervise children.
  • Child sex abuse. This is every parent's nightmare, and it sadly turned all too real when a child was repeatedly molested and beaten by a camp counselor at Camp Good News in Cape Cod a couple years ago. The incident led to a much-publicized lawsuit.
  • Infectious diseases. Much like on the playground, infectious diseases can run rampant amongst children at summer camp. Ensuring that all available vaccinations have been taken and a habit of good hygiene being instilled in your child is a good start.
  • Misuse of camp equipment. Most camps should require their staff and campers to use protective equipment and uphold safety standards. Lack of safety equipment and general misuse can cause serious physical injuries.
  • Heat stroke. East Coast summers can get particularly hot. This can lead to injury, especially because children are more susceptible to extreme heat than adults are. Heat stroke and heat illness can easily be prevented by conditioning good habits in your children: tell them to drink plenty of water and try to find shade whenever possible.

To help further prevent summer camp injuries, make sure you read up on the conditions at your child's summer camp to ensure that all inspection standards are to date. While many injuries can be less common or just not foreseeable, it may be helpful to refresh your list of things to think about.

It can be a very difficult and stressful situation if your child is injured under the supervision of someone else. An experienced Boston personal injury attorney can help draw out your options and help you get the best possible remedy for you and your child.

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