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5 Common Pitfalls After a Car Accident

Chances are that following a car accident, you don't need any other problems to pile on. For that reason, there are several simple things that you shouldn't do after an accident.

Here are five common pitfalls that drivers commonly face following a traffic crash:

1. Speeding Off Without Exchanging Information.

Not only is exchanging your license and insurance information with the other driver a good idea, it's also the law.

If you leave the scene of an accident in Massachusetts, you may face hit-and-run felony criminal charges and possible jail time.

2. Saying "I'm Sorry for...."

There is nothing legally wrong with being polite and sympathetic when you see that someone is hurt, and the court will protect those statements from being used against you.

However, if you admit fault to someone at the scene of an accident, those statements can be used to prove your fault in causing the accident.

3. Having a Meltdown.

Tempers often run high after a collision and it is easy to lose your cool.

However, any shouting and/or explitives that you emit during a post-crash rant may add evidence to the other driver's case.

4. Giving Away Details to the Other Party.

You don't want to help the other side build their case, so if the other driver's insurance company or attorney contacts you, do not speak with them about the accident.

Tell them to contact your insurance company or attorney and avoid incriminating yourself.

5. Taking the First Offer.

The first offer you receive from an insurance company or attorney may indeed be the best offer, but it would be very easy to accept the first offer that comes your way without thinking.

It's wise to contact a car accident attorney in your area to discuss your options and possible counteroffers.

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