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May 2013 Archives

Food Safety Precautions Every Restaurant Should Take

Food poisoning, or food borne illness, affects roughly 48 million people a year, or about 1 in 6 Americans. It can be a potential liability for a restaurant or a food packaging company -- and a painful purchase for their customers and buyers.

By inadequately handling, packaging, or even inspecting their food, businesses often must pay up for making people sick. In extreme examples, a company can even face a wrongful death suit.

If your business regularly handles raw eggs, meat, poultry, or leafy greens, you should tread -- and stir -- carefully by complying with all Massachusetts food safety regulations.

Common Summer Camp Injuries Can Lead to Lawsuits

Summer camps are supposed to be fun for your kids. But summer camp injuries are the exact opposite of that, and are often even more of a nightmare for parents.

So this year, before you send your little ones off to their much-anticipated summer camp, it may be helpful to educate yourself. Watch out for these common summer camp injuries that can often lead to lawsuits:

5 Common Pitfalls After a Car Accident

Chances are that following a car accident, you don't need any other problems to pile on. For that reason, there are several simple things that you shouldn't do after an accident.

Here are five common pitfalls that drivers commonly face following a traffic crash: