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March 2013 Archives

Shopping for Car Insurance? Remember These 5 Tips

You must remember to shop carefully for car insurance.

There are many options available, and each insurance company offers different terms and prices.

So as you compare rates and coverage, keep these five tips in mind, as provided by the Massachusetts Attorney General's office:

3 Tips to Avoid St. Patrick's Day Lawsuits

With St. Patrick's Day on the horizon, local businesses need to be smart about avoiding lawsuits.

Why would local businesses care about avoiding lawsuits on St. Patrick's Day? Think about it: When there are swarms of people drinking, there are bound to be a few unfortunate accidents.

So how can Boston business owners stay wise this weekend to avoid lawsuits? Here are a few tips:

5 Steps Before Filing an Injury Lawsuit

Personal injury law only works if you bring a claim, but before filing an injury lawsuit there are important steps that you have to take.

The lawsuit will lead to a hearing and at the hearing, you need to have evidence if you want to prove your case. Without it, you're just wasting your time with a round of he said/she said before the judge. It's not a winning strategy.

But some evidence is time sensitive and you need to have it before you file your claim. Take note of what you're going to need so you won't be taken by surprise.