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Dreamliner Jet Catches Fire at Logan Int'l Airport

A Japan Airlines Boeing 787 "Dreamliner" jet reportedly caught fire at Logan airport Monday morning, reports The Boston Herald.

The fire broke out in the underbelly of the plane as it was parked at the gate, and was discovered after all passengers had safely disembarked. The source of the fire was likely an auxiliary power unit that's used when the plane is turned off.

While no one was hurt, what's potentially concerning for passengers is that this isn't the first time Boeing's Dreamliner has faced electrical and mechanical issues.

The Federal Aviation Administration has already inspected the Dreamliners as the result of another issue, namely fuel leaks.

The airplane's maker, Boeing, has also investigated claims of electrical issues on the Dreamliner previously. The Dreamliner relies much more on its electrical system than traditional planes.

There are no reports of any passengers injured and as of yet, reports don't indicate that passenger luggage was affected, despite the fire breaking out near the cargo area of the plane.

In fact, many passengers weren't even aware that there was a problem on the plane, as The Boston Globe reports one 16-year-old passenger saying "I didn't smell anything." Another passenger is reported saying that there were no problems during flight.

Perhaps this time, Boeing was lucky. But seeing as this hasn't been their only reported issue, the airline manufacturer might not be so lucky in the future. (Indeed, the FAA threatened to fine Boeing in July for failing to instruct airlines about how to prevent fuel tank explosions on some of its aircraft.)

And who wants to wait for the unthinkable before changes are made? Hopefully, this incident at Logan International serves as a warning for the FAA to work closer with airplane makers to prevent any related issues from happening in the future.

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