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January 2013 Archives

When Can Lying Lead to a Lawsuit?

Lying can be cruel, underhanded and just plain mean. And yes, it can be the subject of a lawsuit.

Alright, to be fair almost anything can be the subject of a lawsuit. You can file a lawsuit over just about any grievance, but in a lot of those cases that suit will be tossed out before you even get a chance to appear in court.

Lying, on the other hand, is a legitimate legal claim, although in court it's generally called defamation. Not all lying is defamation, but all defamation involves lying.

It's not as confusing as it sounds.

Are Mass. Parents Legally Responsible for Children's Actions?

As a parent you have a certain amount of responsibility for your children's actions. But that extends beyond keeping them safe; you can also be liable if their actions are the subject of a personal injury claim.

Let's say your child injures someone else or damages property. You, as the parent, could be held liable for what your child did. That means there could be a lawsuit against you -- as well as, or instead of, your child.

In addition to personal liability, you could also be responsible for compensating any victims who were harmed by your child. It just depends on what happened.

Your Icy Sidewalk Could Lead to a Lawsuit in Massachusetts

We're about midway through the icy driveway season (or icy front steps season), which means you've successfully avoided a lawsuit during the first half of the winter. So congratulations!

The bad news is that you still have about a month before the temperature will be consistently above freezing. Luckily, there's still time to prepare yourself so you can prevent a slip and fall lawsuit.

We've all seen it happen before: icy walkway, a person slips, his feet go over his head and he hits but or back or head on the ground. But if he doesn't stand back up, you could have a legal problem on your hands.

FAA Investigates as More Dreamliner Jets Are Grounded

Days after a Dreamliner jet caught fire in Boston, stories of more Dreamliner mishaps are emerging.

Yet U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is still insisting that these planes are safe, saying that he would have “absolutely no reservations of boarding one of these planes and taking a flight.”

One day after a lithium ion battery caught fire in a Dreamliner jet parked at Logan International Airport, another Dreamliner was delayed at Logan International Airport after a fuel leak.

Dreamliner Jet Catches Fire at Logan Int'l Airport

A Japan Airlines Boeing 787 "Dreamliner" jet reportedly caught fire at Logan airport Monday morning, reports The Boston Herald.

The fire broke out in the underbelly of the plane as it was parked at the gate, and was discovered after all passengers had safely disembarked. The source of the fire was likely an auxiliary power unit that's used when the plane is turned off.

While no one was hurt, what's potentially concerning for passengers is that this isn't the first time Boeing's Dreamliner has faced electrical and mechanical issues.

DES Breast Cancer Lawsuit Hits Boston Federal Court

A lawsuit involving a pregnancy drug allegedly linked to breast cancer has made its way to a Boston courthouse, reports The Associated Press.

The lawsuit was brought against Eli Lilly & Co. for their drug DES, or diethylstilbestrol. Four sisters allege that they were all diagnosed with breast cancer as the result of their mother taking DES while she was pregnant.

The Melnick sisters claim that the drug is to blame. They are bringing their lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages, in a federal court in Boston.