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New Ailment Linked to New England Compounding Center

The dangers linked to the tainted injections from a Framingham pharmacy have only gotten worse. Now, victims are coming forward with abscesses at the injection spot, reports The Boston Herald.

These abscesses were previously undetected and are found deep in the tissue where the shots were administered, in the patient's spines. This latest discovery is scaring health officials as the drug liability for the New England Compounding Center could be even greater than initially anticipated.

These abscesses have the potential to cause long term damage. If left untreated, abcesses could cause permanent nerve damage, bladder and bowel dysfunction and meningitis, reports The Herald.

The problem is that the abscesses are very hard to detect. While they cause pain, the symptoms are hidden in most of the patients, as the patients are already experiencing back pain from other ailments. The one surefire way to diagnose the abscess is through an MRI, writes The Herald.

Medication could work to treat the abscesses but in many cases, they’ll have to be removed surgically. This would only increase NECC’s liability for damages, as the surgical removal would not only cost money but would also come with damages for pain and potential lost wages from employment.

The information on the abscess is new, but health officials are reaching out to the 13,000 patients who received the injections. Meanwhile, the Framingham pharmacy remains closed as a Federal Grand Jury investigates the pharmacy to see if there exists any criminal liability.

There have been many lawsuits filed against the pharmacy but the federal investigation is taking priority. The NECC’s assets have been frozen as the lawsuits continue to emerge, reports The Tennessean.

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