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December 2012 Archives

Toyota Settlement Filed: Proposed Payout Is $1.1 Billion

Toyota will soon know whether it can put the brakes on litigation that has been plaguing the automaker for the past three years.

Lawyers for Toyota filed a proposed settlement Wednesday, outlining the proposed payout for the company's unintended acceleration problem.

The settlement will include a $1.1 billion payout from Toyota, including $250 million going to Toyota owners for the reduction in the value of the vehicle on vehicles sold between Sept. 1, 2009 and Dec. 31, 2010.

Kim Kardashian Snaps as Instagram Is Sued Over New Terms

Kim Kardashian, Instagram's most popular celebrity user, threatened to take her business from the popular photo-sharing service unless the company's "new policies are drastically revised," TMZ reported last week.

Well, Instagram soon discarded some of its new policies, just as Kim wanted. But the Instagram brouhaha has now developed into a federal lawsuit, according to Reuters.

The Instagram lawsuit is a civil suit that looks like it's seeking class certification (i.e. it's headed the class action route). It was brought in the wake of changes to Instagram's terms of service that users have to agree to.

Could Mass. Be Hit With Lawsuits From Annie Dookhan Scandal?

As Annie Dookhan begins her courtroom drama this month, news of the drug scandal continues to emerge.

So do questions about liability.

This week, Dookhan pleaded not guilty to 15 counts of obstruction of justice, lying about having a master's degree and perjury, reports The Boston Herald.

Dookhan is the chemist at the center of a scandal that involves thousands of criminal defendants, many of whom were improperly convicted as a result of her alleged fraud.

Roommate's Lawsuit Over Too Much Sex Partially Thrown Out

A federal judge in Boston has thrown out part of a case against Stonehill College for failing to protect a student from her roommate's "sexcapades."

According to Enterprise News, the lawsuit was brought by Lindsay Blankmeyer, who claimed that her roommate had too much sex with her boyfriend. She alleged that this happened while she was in the same dorm room, only a few feet away from the duo.

But why sue the school?

Toyota Fined $17M for Delaying Lexus Recalls

Toyota has been slapped with a huge fine for delaying its June Lexus recall, reports USA Today.

The fine is a staggering $17.35 million, the largest allowable under the law. It stems from charges by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the agency charged with maintaining driver safety.

The fine is the fourth that Toyota has had to pay in the past three years, since the unintended acceleration problem came to light.

The current fine involves the June recall of 154,000 Lexus RX crossovers for unintended acceleration. The vehicles were either accelerating without a driver's foot on the gas pedal, or failed to slow down when a driver hit the brakes.

Diane von Furstenberg Sues After Fragrance Appears at TJ Maxx

Attention fashionistas! You might have a limited time left to take advantage of this wonderful offer— before an injunction is granted and you lose this opportunity.

Have you noticed Diane von Furstenberg items at TJ Maxx and Marshalls stores? Well, they’re not supposed to be there. And soon, they might no longer be there, if Diane von Furstenberg Studio LP has its way.

Framingham based TJ Maxx is in the middle of a legal battle between designer Diane von Furstenberg and a distributor.

New Ailment Linked to New England Compounding Center

The dangers linked to the tainted injections from a Framingham pharmacy have only gotten worse. Now, victims are coming forward with abscesses at the injection spot, reports The Boston Herald.

These abscesses were previously undetected and are found deep in the tissue where the shots were administered, in the patient's spines. This latest discovery is scaring health officials as the drug liability for the New England Compounding Center could be even greater than initially anticipated.

Pedestrian Hit by Drunk Driver Near Gillette Stadium

A man has been charged in the DUI hit and run of a pedestrian out near Gillette Stadium on Monday, reports CBS News.

The pedestrian was found on the road in “a lot of pain,” as reported by CBS. He had a broken leg, cuts and bruises.

But the driver of the vehicle allegedly took off after running into the pedestrian, leading officers to search for the hit-and-run vehicle.

Can American Subway Trains be Made Safer?

They're calling it "every New Yorker's nightmare." And on Monday, several New Yorkers had to witness a man endure the nightmare, as he was pushed on to the tracks at a Times Square subway station on Monday.

The man, 58-year-old Ki-Suck Han, died when he got stuck between the train and the platform as he attempted to crawl out, writes USA Today.

The horrible incident sheds light on one thing -- why is it every New Yorker's nightmare? In fact, for any urban city with a well-used subway system, this can be a nightmare.

FDA Investigates Deaths Related to Energy Drinks

How safe are energy drinks? The popular 5-Hour Energy drink could be hazardous, even deadly, reports WGGB News.

It's very popular with college students and as the dangers of the energy supplement are starting to be exposed, many students in and around the Boston area should start thinking twice before consuming the drink.

The Food and Drug Administration is reportedly investigating 92 complaints that have emerged since 2009.