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Honda Recalls Accords, But Parts Not in Until 2013

Recall news! Honda has announced that it will be recalling 600,000 Accords, The Associated Press reports.

The issue is the Accord's power steering hose, which has the potential to leak fluid. The leakage of fluid is a fire hazard, according to the AP.

The recall affects cars in the United States and Canada. Specifically, the recall covers 2003 to 2007 Honda Accord models with V-6 engines.

This isn't Honda's first recall this year. In May, Honda recalled 53,00 Acuras for the same reason.

While Honda plans to replace the hoses in the Accord for free, the parts aren't in yet. In fact, the Los Angeles Times reports the parts won't be in until sometime in 2013. Accord owners are being asked to take their cars in for inspection, specifically if the owner suspects leakage of fluid. Symptoms of a leak include a smell from the leaked fluid, reports the LA Times.

Currently, there are no reported injuries or fatalities associated with this recall. An injury or a fatality would open the door to greater problems for the automaker, including potential lawsuits for products liability or even wrongful death.

Often, a products liability lawsuit and a wrongful death lawsuit can be brought in tandem. In a wrongful death lawsuit, a victim's surviving relatives seek compensation for the victim's death. Such a lawsuit could have elements of products liability, namely that the death occurred because the product was faulty.

Any potential liability in the case of Honda's current recall would likely stem from a manufacturing defect, in which the product (in this case, the Accord's hose) does not conform to the manufacturer's own specifications.

For more information on Honda's recent recall, check out Honda's Automobile Recall Information page.

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