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First Meningitis Lawsuit: Minnesota Woman Sues NECC

The lawsuits in the meningitis outbreak have started.

A Minnesota woman has sued the New England Compounding Center for "bodily harm, emotional distress, and other personal injuries," reports The Chicago Tribune.

The lawsuit was filed in a federal District Court in Minnesota by Barbe Puro. Puro is the first to sue in the meningitis outbreak that has taken the country by storm.

Last week, the Center for Disease Control reported 47 cases of meningitis as a result of the medication distributed by NECC.

That number has now shot up to 170 people, with a death toll of 14, reports Reuters.

It was only a matter of time before the lawsuits poured in.

Puro's lawsuit is a class action, comprising of a class of Minnesota residents who received the injections with the contaminated medication.

The class action lawsuit can only persist if several criteria are met, one of them being numerosity. Luckily for Puro, a fairly large number of Minnesota residents received injections with the steroid since June.

Puro doesn't have a confirmed case of meningitis, however. Although she was injected and says she had some symptoms of meningitis, she hasn't been diagnosed with it yet. In fact, her tests are still out and she has yet to receive the results.

Was her case premature? Without a valid injury, she may be at a loss of a case. 

But Puro isn't the only threat to NECC. The pharmacy will no doubt face a host of lawsuits in the coming months. Most concerning will be the wrongful death lawsuits, where medical results can confirm the link between the death and the tainted injections.

For now, NECC's headaches are just beginning.

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