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Beware Slip and Fall Lawsuits This Halloween!

It’s Halloween week and what better time to talk about slip-and-fall injuries than now?

Slip and fall injuries aren’t the only potential injury concerns at Halloween. But they’re a major category to consider, especially if you plan to give out candy this year.

In some areas, masses of youngers turn out for trick-or-treating. With crowds, excitement, sugared-up little tykes and darkness, you’ll want to keep an eye out for hidden dangers on your property.

Here are a few pointers to avoid a slip-and-fall lawsuit this Halloween:

Keep your driveway clear. If kids will be walking up your driveway, you might want to move that car. This is even more important if your driveway is inclined. And if the recent hurricane drops snow and ice on your driveway, you’ll want to take care to salt up the driveway to avoid a slippery personal injury disaster.

Clear your lawn of hidden obstructions. Check out your lawn in the dark the night before trick-or-treaters show up. Take a walk across your yard and see if you come across any items that could cause someone to trip and fall. The last thing you want is a trick-or-treater falling on a hidden object on your lawn.

Keep the lights on. It may be tempting to keep your property dark, to lend mood to your decorations. Or, alternatively, if you decide not to give out candy, you might decide to keep the lights off altogether. Rather than keeping your porch lights off, think about just turning off most of the lights inside your house to deter trick-or-treaters. The danger is that if your lawn is pitch black and there is an obstruction on your lawn, trick-or-treaters could injure themselves, and you could potentially be held liable.

Halloween is fun but it doesn’t come without some liability risks. Be safe on Halloween and take precautions.

Happy trick-or-treating!

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