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45 Massachusetts Residents Named in Boy Scouts Perversion Files

The Boy Scouts of America sex abuse scandal has hit home, here in Massachusetts.

Some 45 Massachusetts residents are named in the "perversion files," a secret document that was released yesterday, reports The Boston Globe.

The perversion files were part of the $18.5 million settlement reached between the Boy Scouts of America and the plaintiffs in the sex abuse case.

The Oregon Supreme Court ordered these secret documents to be released, naming those volunteers who were suspected of inappropriate sexual behavior.

These files were kept on record with the Boy Scouts of America, but the cases were not shared with parents of the boys involved, nor with the police.

As for the "suspects" from Massachusetts, they hail from across the state.

The perversion files show the disturbing practice of shielding child molesters from scrutiny and punishment across the nation. The files were kept at the Boy Scouts headquarters in Texas. Files include everything from handwritten letters by victims and parents to newspaper clippings about incidents.

One sad case involves the alleged molester confessing before police, only to have the Boy Scouts turn a blind eye, in order to preserve the name of the organization, reports The Associated Press.

The failure to prosecute these sex offenders isn't just a criminal issue. It's a civil issue. When the Boy Scouts of America ignored the serious problem in their midst, they set themselves up for severe liability. The failure to act is just as much a prong of a negligence lawsuit as a negligent action.

The organization owed a duty to the young boys in its care. That duty was not just breached but trampled on when the Boy Scouts of America put their blinders on.

As more names emerge, it will be interesting to see how many more cases emerge.

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