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Breast Milk Warmer: Designed with an Attorney?

If you are a new parent, you know all about the plethora of products out there to help make your time with a newborn and infant easier. These products are usually great, until they’re not.

A new product developed by MIT grads Kailas Narendran and John McBean has been specifically designed to avoid personal injury to the user and to the baby, reports the Boston Herald. The new breast milk warmer heats milk in a bottle or bag without reaching temperatures that could cause a burn.

While the two inventors probably had only function in mind, it seems like they had a lawyer with them while designing the product.

Product liability claims arise from defective products that have been released into the market. These defects can come in the form of a design defect, a manufacturing defect, or a marketing defect.


Here, Narendran and McBean were sure to design the product to be nearly-impossible for a sleep-deprived parent to use in the middle of the night without the need for constant awareness. Since the product doesn’t heat up to a burn threshold if used as directed, it is clear that the inventors wanted to make sure they couldn’t be sued for a design defect.


On the other hand, manufacturing defects are out of the control of the designer of a product. This would be the only risk that the inventors must take in order to bring their product to market. If the manufacturer made a mistake with the power source, creating a risk of electrocution, then there is the possibility of liability.


The inventors again have made something that is close to liability-proof by making the product simple to use and without dangerous parts. Of course, the instructions will have to include warnings like “don’t disassemble” and “don’t submerge in water while plugged in.”

All in all, these two MIT grads have probably made a breast milk warmer that will help parents raise kids, and help them raise money, without the risk of midnight burns on the stovetop.

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