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March 2012 Archives

Is iPad Windshield Mount Going To Lead to Lawsuits?

New technology can improve our lives, but it can also be the catalyst for some novel problems. One of these new technologies might be caused by the hugely popular iPad.

Turns out that people have started mounting the Apple tablet onto their windshields as they drive, reports KTVU.

Maybe its to show off the fact that they own the new iPad 3, or maybe they are using some of the services on the tablet, but with an iPad windshield mount you can put your tablet a few feet from you as drive.

BMW 5 and 6 Series Recalled

Your luxury sedan may have a problem.

BMW AG, which is the world's largest maker of premium and luxury cars, is recalling about 368,000 BMW 5 and 6 series in the USA, reports Reuters.

The BMW recall is triggered by the possibility of the vehicle failing to start, the possibility of charring, or even a fire. The cause for these dangers is an electrical system malfunctioning due to the battery cable cover being incorrectly mounted.

Starbucks' Use of Bugs in Frapps Bugging a Lot of People

The revelation that the coffee chain, Starbucks, may have been using an extract including dried and crushed cochineal beetles in its Strawberries & Creme Frappucino (an iced drink) and in strawberry-flavored smoothies, has upset a lot of people, reports The Boston Globe. This is especially the case because people thought that the soy versions of the drinks contained no animal products. Not only are people that don’t like eating bugs upset, but so are vegans and vegetarians.

And the vegans struck back. Starbucks was actually outed by a vegan whistleblower who apparently sent a picture to a vegetarian site.

Hingham Minivan Strikes Parked Trailer and Flips

Three people ended up in the hospital after a 2011 Toyota Sienna on Old Country Road hit a parked trailer, reports The Boston Globe. The minivan flipped to its side.

The driver of the Hingham minivan that struck the parked trailer and then flipped is a 49-year-old local of Hingham. Her two children, ages 17 and 15, were traveling with her. They were all properly seated, with belts and airbags.

The reason for the accident, a police investigation suggested, might have been a solar glare (not to be confused with a solar flare). Why does the sun always get in the way?

Boston Valet Parking Companies Must Hold Keys From Drunk Drivers?

Boston valet parking companies must hold keys from drunk drivers -- that may be required under a new ordinance if it is approved, reports The Boston Globe.

In a hearing called by Councilor Rob Consalvo, there was considerable discussion about a city ordinance that would require valet parking companies to hold keys from patrons that appear too drunk to drive.

Virginia Tech Negligent in Seung-Hui Cho Shooting Warnings

The tragic Virginia Tech massacre by gunman Seung-Hui Cho that left 33 dead has now led to Virginia Tech being found negligent by a jury for waiting to warn students, reports The Associated Press.

The wrongful death action brought by the parents of two students -- Erin Peterson and Julia Pryde -- resulted in a verdict of $4 million each. The lawyers for Erin Peterson and Julia Pryde's parents had argued the students' lives might have been saved if the university had warned the community after the first two kids were shot in a dorm.

Ask St. Patrick About Legal Advice On Premises Liability

People get together on St. Patrick’s Day in Boston, especially at one another’s houses. But sometimes when there are parties people also get injured. And if that happens, you might be liable for the guest’s injury.

What’s that all about? What would St. Patrick say about that?

Well actually, we wouldn’t want to hazard a guess about what the venerable St. Patrick would say. However, as it often does, the law has plenty to say about premises liability.

Is There A Connection Between Home Oxygen Use and Fires?

Home oxygen use might have added fuel to the fire that killed a Haverhill woman on Wednesday, reports The Boston Globe.

The medical oxygen's presence at home caused the fire to increase and perhaps made an escape difficult, noted State Fire Marshal Stephen D. Coan. In addition, the oxygen tank actually detonated during the fire. In firefighting terms, the detonation is referred to as a BLEVE, which means boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion.

MIT Junior Brian G. Anderson Found Dead: Not Suicide

The MIT junior Brian G. Anderson, who was found dead in his dorm room, may not have died of suicide, reports The Boston Globe. He was twenty-one-years old. His was the third undergraduate death at MIT this school year.

Despite the fact that Brian Anderson's death was ruled not a suicide, police so far did not seem inclined to say that it was suspicious.

Pedestrian Deaths Because of Headphones?

Awesome headphones make the music experience richer and more vibrant. But are awesome headphones a risk to your health in that they might lead to you getting run over, asks The Atlantic Magazine?

Males under thirty seem particularly prone to not hearing trains coming, or cars honking, as they cross intersections. In fact, injuries to pedestrians wearing headphones have tripled in the past six years, report medical researchers.

Former Newtorn Teacher Sexual Assault Of Two Children

A former teacher from Newton, David Ettlinger, pled not guilty to the charge of sexually assaulting two girls, reports The Boston Globe. He previously taught at Underwood Elementary School.

The accusations against David Ettlinger are that he undressed two girls while they slept and videotaped them. One incident occurred at the home of the girl.

He also faces federal charges for child pornography.