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Middleboro Sweepstakes Scam: Couple Mailed Boxes of Cash

Is it rare to get swindled by Canadians?

Maybe, but that seems to have been what happened to a Middleboro scammed couple that mailed three boxes full of $94,000 in cash to try and claim bogus sweepstakes winnings, reports Enterprise News.

Moral of the story: don't mail boxes full of cash to people you don't know.

The Middleboro sweepstakes scam seemed to strike a few other people in the area. The way it worked was that back in December you entered a sweepstakes run by a group called R.W. Rich & Associates for $12.99, reports the News. At that point, you were notified you won $175,000, but had to pay a fee to release the money.

Then a fake IRS agent called you and told you to send about $94,000 in taxes to … Dubai (which is not in America, mind you). If you wouldn’t send the money there, you could always send the cash to Canada.

Consumer scams like sweepstakes fraud strike frequently. One of the most tragic things about them is that you can rarely get your money back in a consumer scam. One big reason is that the scammers often operate abroad.

However, sometimes you can get lucky, or you may have good detective skills, and can find a culprit of the sweepstakes fraud, that falls under the jurisdiction of your state. At that point you may be able to institute a claim for fraud.

Remember, fraud always involves some sort of false statement, misrepresentation, or deceitful conduct. There may also be filing requirements, like the time-limit within which a case must get to the court, which an attorney would be best able to advise about.

In the meantime, don’t give money to R.W. Rich & Associates.

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