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February 2012 Archives

Statins FDA Warning: Lipitor, Zocor, Pravachol, Under Spotlight

The Food and Drug Administration has released warnings about "statins", reports Fox News.

Statins are cholestrol-fighting drugs that are very popular. But now it turns out that some patients taking statins might face a "small increased risk" of higher blood sugar levels and may end up being diagnosed with diabetes.

The most popular statins are Lipitor, Lescol, Pravachol, Crestor, Mevacor, Altoprev, Livalo and Zocor, reports Fox.

NFL Player Glenn Sharpe Murder Charges: Christopher Galloway Death

A former NFL player Glenn Sharpe's alleged involvement in a murder is likely to draw a lot of attention, reports The Boston Globe.

Glenn Sharpe, who won a Super Bowl ring with the New Orleans Saints and previously played for New England Patriots rivals the Colts, was charged with the death of Christopher Galloway in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Before he got to the NFL, Sharpe's biggest moment was in college, during the 2003 Fiesta Bowl, when he got a late penalty that allowed Ohio State to upset the University of Miami.

Fatal Accident on Danvers Route 114

The victim of the fatal accident on Danvers' Route 114 has been identified as Christopher Schlosser, reports The Boston Globe.

The victim, who passed away after being struck by a 2005 Ford Ranger traveling westbound, had been trying to cross Route 114 near the 155 Andover Street area.

In the incident, the driver of the car, Christopher Giurleo, who is only 25-years-old, seemed to cooperate fully with the police.

Boston University Hockey Player Rape Plea Not Guilty

A Boston University hockey player pleaded not guilty to allegations of rape, reports The Boston Globe.

Max Nicastro, of Thousand Oaks, California, is the name of the player implicated in the allegation. The alleged sexual assault occurred shortly after the BU game against UMass-Lowell. During the arraignment, no details about Max Nicastro's case were presented.

Cambridge Snowboarder Dies in Vermont

A 29-year-old from Cambridge, Sylvan Walton, died snowboarding in Vermont, reports The Boston Globe.

Sylvan Walton had been riding a black diamond trail when he apparently slipped and hit his head on the ground, he then went on to hit a tree. The incident occurred at the Jay Peak Resort in Vermont.

It didn't take long for the Jay Peak Ski Patrol workers to come and try to revive Walton. They performed CPR until an ambulance came.

Michael Harrington Accident: Was Crash Alcohol Related?

The police in Marshfield are still investigating whether speed or alcohol or both were factors in the death of 18-year-old Michael Harrington, reports the Boston Globe.

Michael Harrington’s accident involved a tree on Highland Street.

The accident, described as fiery, has puzzled Marshfield police because it was on a rather straight and non-dangerous stretch of road. Texting-while-driving has been ruled out, and it is hard to say if alcohol was involved or not in Michael Harrington’s death.

Lead Lipsticks Leads to L'Oreal's Color Sensation Pink Petal

Love hurts. Love kills. Love can be poisonous. Why say such things around Valentine’s Day?

Most lipsticks contain lead, this is the revelation coming out of an analysis by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, reports Reuters. And five out of the top nine lipsticks are made by L’Oreal.

Of all the lipsticks, L’Oreal’s “Color Sensation” Pink Petal had the most lead. Interestingly, the cheapest lipstick on the FDA’s list (Wet & Wild Mega Mixers Lip Balm) also had the lowest amount of lead in lipsticks, reports Forbes.

What If Someone Gets Sick in Wes Welker Butterfinger Stunt?

People are not yet done piling on New England Patriots wide receiver, Wes Welker, for dropping that pass in the Super Bowl.

And it isn’t just Gisele Bundchen tweaking Wes Welker. Now other people are going on the offense.

The Wes Welker dissers now include an online pawnbroker, reports the Associated Press.

Maserati Recall: GranTurismos Have Busted Brake Lights

Schadenfreude is when you take some good-natured pleasure in another person's minor misery. Most people will feel that emotion when reading about a recall of the luxury car Maserati, as reported by The New York Times.

The GranTurismo recall will affect about 1,800 of its 2008 to 2010 GranTurismo coupes and convertibles and is due to a problem in the taillight. Apparently the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that the brake bulbs might fail.

Patrick Fortuna Killed in Hyde Park Car Crash

Patrick Fortuna, a 24-year-old Hyde Park man, was killed in a car crash early this morning, reports The Boston Globe.

An early investigation shows that a 2003 Honda Civic driven by Fortuna was going South on Hyde Park Avenue when it crossed the center line and hit a 2008 Honda Civic traveling north. The two-vehicle crash occurred near the Milton Street Bridge.

The passengers in the other vehicle, three women and a man, who were being driven by a 24-year-old, suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

At the current time, no charges have been filed.

Middleboro Sweepstakes Scam: Couple Mailed Boxes of Cash

Is it rare to get swindled by Canadians?

Maybe, but that seems to have been what happened to a Middleboro scammed couple that mailed three boxes full of $94,000 in cash to try and claim bogus sweepstakes winnings, reports Enterprise News.

Moral of the story: don't mail boxes full of cash to people you don't know.

Have Headlights Gotten Brighter?

Are you ever driving down the street, maybe at night, and look in the rearview mirror suddenly blinded and ask yourself, "Have headlights gotten brighter?" You may not be imagining it.

It turns out that the average halogen headlight is about 40 to 70 percent brighter today than it was 20 years ago, reports The Boston Globe in an investigation. And if that bright headlight isn't enough here is what is really shocking:

But that's nothing compared with those bluish-tinged, high-intensity discharge lights, which are more than 400 percent brighter than headlights from the early 1990s.