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Toxic Tort Claim Brewing in Framingham?

In the movie A Civil Action, John Travolta successfully wins a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Beatrice Foods and other companies for contaminating the water supplies of Woburn.

Now a half hour away in Framingham, another toxic tort claim may be brewing.

General Chemical Corporation runs a hazardous waste facility within eyeshot of the Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in Framingham, reports The Boston Globe. The company has a long history of safety violations that include spills, polluted ground water, and other violations.

While the company is an obvious safety concern to the town's residents, so far no one has been reported ill due to the toxins. Still, the proximity of the hazardous waste facility to town residents makes the company an easy target should an above-average number of residents suddenly fall ill.

In this case, the residents will likely want to bring a toxic tort action against General Chemical Corp. A toxic tort is generally the type of lawsuit someone will want to bring against a company for contaminating the environment with their products or services. And because many people are often exposed to the same toxic substances, toxic tort claims usually take the form of class actions -- which is many different plaintiffs bringing suit in one legal action.

Notably, a toxic tort is what was brought in A Civil Action and Erin Brockovich, two movies based on class action lawsuits against polluters.

Given the proximity between the hazardous waste facility and elementary school, General Chemical Corporation will want to make sure that it follows safety regulations. However, given its prior history of violations, the company is an easy target should it cause any injury with its hazardous chemicals.

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