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More Sex Abuse: Camp Good News Lawsuit

Child sex abuse is dominating the headlines. With the national spotlight shining brightly on Pennsylvania and the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky scandal, another child sex abuse victim has come forward bringing a lawsuit against Camp Goods News in Cape Cod.

The Camp Good News lawsuit is yet another sexual abuse case against the Christian summer camp made famous for its apology to Senator Scott Brown who had wrote about being sexually abused at the camp himself, reports The Boston Globe.

According to the lawsuit, the victim identified as Robert Roe of Massachusetts claims that he was eight-years-old when he was repeatedly molested and beaten by a camp counselor, reports the Globe.

The counselor, who has since died, is identified as Ernest Milnes, an Indiana college student who worked at the camp. Prior to his death in 2009, Milnes had been convicted of sexually abusing another child in Maryland.

In the lawsuit, Roe says that he reported the abuse to a camp nurse. However, this did not stop the abuse. In fact, even after Roe complained to his father, who called the camp about the abuse, Roe says the camp did nothing, leaving Milnes at the camp in a position to harm more children.

In what has become a very apparent pattern in child sex abuse claims, institutions (whether they be religious or academic) are accused of putting their own interests ahead of the interests of abused children. These institutions generally owe a duty to protect young people under their care, but yet so often, seem to do nothing.

Now as multi-million dollar settlements are finally being awarded for the abuse from years past, organizations like that in the Camp Good News lawsuit may finally have to pay.

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