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Boston Latin Academy Meningitis, Girl Dies

A 12-year-old student died over the weekend from a probable cause of bacterial meningitis. The Boston Latin Academy meningitis death will probably spur action by the school to protect those who may have been exposed to the bacteria.

The student was not identified given patient confidentiality, reports The Boston Globe. However, it was reported that about 50 students and faculty may have had close enough contact with the girl to be at risk.

The girl was just hospitalized over the weekend and the death appears to have been swift. So far, it is unclear how long the girl displayed symptoms, how she could have contracted the bacteria, or whether she received the meningitis vaccination.

However, as the family and school mourns, health officials are now concerned with the students and faculty who are at risk for infection, reports the Globe. They are looking at those who may have come into close contact with the girl and are urging them to see their doctors.

Meningitis generally spreads through the saliva and you need pretty close contact for the germ to spread, reports the Globe. But given the age of the victim and how children are likely to share food or water bottles, the risk of contagion is not negligible.

Boston Latin Academy should be proactive and act with an overabundance of caution due to the deadly nature of meningitis. The school has a duty to take reasonable steps to keep their students safe. And as there was already one reported death, the school should take all necessary measures to ensure no one else is harmed.

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