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Black Friday Injuries, Sales, and Crowds

Black Friday has become a holiday in its own right. The day after Thanksgiving has officially become associated with the start of the holiday shopping season and retailers have cashed in on this trend by hyping up sales and deals to get the crowds in early.

Unfortunately due to the attractive sales, hordes of people have come to retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and other stores to get the best deals -- sometimes even creating an unsafe mob.

As a result, there have been plenty of Black Friday injuries.

As a customer, you should know that retailers have a legal obligation to keep their stores reasonably safe for customers under the legal theory of premises liability. Under this theory, stores have to protect their customers from known hazards, though this doesn't mean that the store is the insurer for all injuries.

For example, if an electronics store offers $700 TV's for only $200 on a limited basis, the store should expect a lineup from customers to get the great deal. The store should be prepared to handle customers waiting outside as well as the initial crush of customers who may be barging through the doors to get the bargain.

And should someone be trampled due to lack of crowd control, the store could be held liable for those injuries.

With Black Friday sales, come Black Friday crowds and Black Friday injuries. Customers should know that they should expect great deals during the holiday season, not injuries. If you are injured in a Black Friday accident, you will want to speak with an attorney.

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