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November 2011 Archives

Two Pedestrian Deaths on Massachusetts Highways

In two separate instances, two pedestrian deaths were reported on Massachusetts highways. Police are still investigating both cases and it's not clear if criminal or civil charges will be filed.

In the first case, a Somerville man, David Dang, had gotten into a minor fender-bender on I-93 in the Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. Tunnel, reports The Boston Globe. The 75-year-old Dang had parked his car on the shoulder and exchanged information with the other driver. However, as he returned to his car, he was struck and killed by another car.

Got BPA? Canned Food BPA Link Confirmed in Harvard Study

It’s all about pee in a new Harvard study. Many of you may have heard of a canned food BPA link, but the new study showed just how dramatic eating canned food for even five days can be to our bodies.

So as Thanksgiving rolls around, you may want to think twice before buying canned cranberry sauce, soup, or even SPAM at the grocery store.

Boston Latin Academy Meningitis, Girl Dies

A 12-year-old student died over the weekend from a probable cause of bacterial meningitis. The Boston Latin Academy meningitis death will probably spur action by the school to protect those who may have been exposed to the bacteria.

The student was not identified given patient confidentiality, reports The Boston Globe. However, it was reported that about 50 students and faculty may have had close enough contact with the girl to be at risk.

More Sex Abuse: Camp Good News Lawsuit

Child sex abuse is dominating the headlines. With the national spotlight shining brightly on Pennsylvania and the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky scandal, another child sex abuse victim has come forward bringing a lawsuit against Camp Goods News in Cape Cod.

The Camp Good News lawsuit is yet another sexual abuse case against the Christian summer camp made famous for its apology to Senator Scott Brown who had wrote about being sexually abused at the camp himself, reports The Boston Globe.

10 Most Dangerous Toys Revealed

As the holiday season approaches, you'll probably be shopping for kid's gifts. While it's important to find that perfect gift your children will love, it's equally important to find a gift that isn't potentially hazardous to your loved ones.

So the Boston nonprofit, World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH), released a list of the ten most dangerous toys. Take a look.

Black Friday Injuries, Sales, and Crowds

Black Friday has become a holiday in its own right. The day after Thanksgiving has officially become associated with the start of the holiday shopping season and retailers have cashed in on this trend by hyping up sales and deals to get the crowds in early.

Unfortunately due to the attractive sales, hordes of people have come to retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and other stores to get the best deals -- sometimes even creating an unsafe mob.

As a result, there have been plenty of Black Friday injuries.

Parallels Between Penn State Scandal and Boston Church Sex Abuse

The comparison was inevitable. The Penn State scandal and the Boston Church sex abuse scandal. In both cases, there were rumors and allegations of child sexual abuse. In both cases, it took years before anyone took action. And in both cases, many children's lives were ruined in the meantime.

Over a decade ago, the Boston Catholic Church was rocked when the allegations of sexual abuse were brought to light. Dozens of priests were accused of sexually abusing hundreds of children, reports the Associated Press.

Toyota Recall 2011: World-Wide Recall Announced

Toyota announced another major recall. Just two years after recalling millions of vehicles due to acceleration problems, the Toyota recall 2011 is estimated to affect about half a million vehicles worldwide.

The most recent problem reportedly involves the car’s crankshaft pulley, reports The Associated Press. For those that do not know what a crankshaft pulley is, the problem apparently makes the cars difficult to steer.

Toxic Tort Claim Brewing in Framingham?

In the movie A Civil Action, John Travolta successfully wins a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Beatrice Foods and other companies for contaminating the water supplies of Woburn.

Now a half hour away in Framingham, another toxic tort claim may be brewing.

Are Structured Settlement Annuities Good for You?

If you bring a personal injury claim, the defendant may offer to settle the matter to avoid going to court. With a settlement, you'll basically be given money to compensate you and end the case.

However, not all settlements are equal. Besides the obvious difference in dollar amounts, you and the defendant may also structure the settlement to come as a lump-sum payment or as structured settlement annuities where you will receive a set amount on a recurring basis over a period of time.

2 More Carbon Monoxide Deaths After Storm

A recent snowstorm shut down power for many Massachusetts residents. As a result, people looked for alternative ways to warm up including the use of stand alone heating devices.

However, if you are not careful or use a device improperly, you could fall victim to carbon monoxide poisoning.

In Hampden County, two people died from the odorless gas. They are the second and third carbon monoxide deaths this week. Fire officials say that the deadly poison came from an "alternative heating device" being used because of the snowstorm, reports The Boston Globe.

Top 5 October Product Recalls

October has not been a kind month to consumers. In recent weeks, there has been a spate of recalls. Below are the top five October product recalls you should know about as reported by The Boston Globe.

  • Harper Truck dollies (292,000 units). When the tires are overinflated, they can explode and cause the wheel hub to separate or break. When the hub is ejected it can be hazardous to the user or any bystanders. There have been 19 reports of tire explosions leading to injuries, including broken bones, loss of sight, cuts, and bruises.