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Pink Ribbon Fraud, Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month when you see pink and pink ribbons plastered on just about every product. Even NFL players sport pink shoes, gloves, and ribbons for one week of the month. However, you should watch out for pink ribbon fraud and those wanting to take advantage of this good cause.

Breast cancer advocates are warning consumers that buying merchandise emblazoned with a pink ribbon or pink packaging is no guarantee that your money will actually go to fighting the disease, reports Gatehouse News Service.

The use of a pink ribbon is completely unregulated, and just about any company can put the insignia on its products, reports Gatehouse News. Many companies that use the pink ribbons have legitimate agreements with fundraising groups to donate a fixed amount to breast cancer research, so you would be guaranteed that your money will go to finding a cure.

However, other companies that use the pink ribbon only make vague promises that some portion of the purchase price of the goods will go to research. Whether any amount is actually used for cancer research is unknown.

Consumers should not just buy any product with a pink ribbon thinking the purchase will help breast cancer research. There are many predators out there preying on unwitting consumers and taking advantage of causes like Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

To avoid pink ribbon fraud, check the packaging on the products you purchase to see how much will be donated to charity, what organization will be benefited, and what the beneficiary will do with the money.

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