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How to Choose a Safe Halloween Costume for Kids

Halloween is only a week away and your children are probably scrambling to find the right scary costume. While costumes are meant to provide a scare, Halloween trick or treating should not be frightening. Halloween safety for kids can include many things, one of which is finding the right costume for your children.

The first thing you should consider is choosing a costume that is easily visible at night. Children often trick or treat after the sun has set, and you want to make sure that motorists can see your children who may be crossing the street at night.

Children dressed up in Halloween costumes.

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So while dark colors may be scary, you may want to consider a bright-colored costume that can also provide a fright. For example, we earlier wrote about a Whitey Bulger costume that was available in the Boston area portraying the gangster in a bright orange prison jumpsuit.

In addition, you may want to add reflective material to costumes or treat sacks.

Along with visibility, you will also want to consider the material of your children's costumes. You should find masks, beards, wigs, and other accessories made of flame-retardant materials. With candles on jack-o-lanterns, the last thing you want is for a fake pirate's beard to get caught and set aflame. The same can be said for billowing trains and sleeves on dresses.

Finally, you should watch out for costumes that block a child's senses. For example, masks that cut off peripheral vision, block sound, or give inadequate ventilation. There may be predators on the look out for kids on Halloween, and you want your children to perceive potential threats.

These are just some Halloween safety tips for kids in choosing the right costume. The safest measure may be to take your kids trick or treating yourself, and keep a good eye on the little devils.

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