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October 2011 Archives

2 Deaths on Cruise Ship to Boston

There were two reported Norwegian Cruise Line deaths on a ship headed to Boston. The boat docked this morning at Black Falcon Terminal, and police are investigating the incidents.

So far, it is not believed that the two deaths are related, reports The Boston Globe.

Police say that one of the deaths was a 67-year-old woman. Her death is not believed to be suspicious.

Domino's Delivery Death, Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed

The family of Richel Nova, a former Domino's Pizza delivery man, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the pizza chain for the 58-year-old man's brutal killing last year.

Nova was dispatched to a dilapidated two-family structure on 742 Hyde Park Avenue to deliver pepperoni pizzas, chicken wings, and soda. When he made his delivery, Nova was lured inside the building where he was stabbed 16 times, reports The Boston Globe.

How to Choose a Safe Halloween Costume for Kids

Halloween is only a week away and your children are probably scrambling to find the right scary costume. While costumes are meant to provide a scare, Halloween trick or treating should not be frightening. Halloween safety for kids can include many things, one of which is finding the right costume for your children.

The first thing you should consider is choosing a costume that is easily visible at night. Children often trick or treat after the sun has set, and you want to make sure that motorists can see your children who may be crossing the street at night.

Newton Dog Electrocuted on Walk, NSTAR Responsible?

A dog was electrocuted to death during a morning walk in Newton. Could the electric company be held responsible for the owner’s loss?

At about 8:00 a.m., police received a report of a woman screaming in the woods near Hammond Pond Parkway in Newton, reports The Boston Globe. The woman had reportedly taken her two dogs on an early morning walk when the group came upon a live wire on the ground.

Red Sox Drinking Rumors Denied; Defamation Suit to Follow?

A report has surfaced that Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, and John Lackey all drank beer during games. The three Boston Red Sox pitchers vehemently denied the report, perhaps setting up a defamation suit.

Last week, John Lester came out and admitted to drinking beer in the team's clubhouse, presumably in games he was not pitching, reports The Boston Globe. However, a new report by WHDH-TV says that Lester and the other two pitchers drank beer in the dugout during games. This ups the ante as the report basically accuses the pitchers of drinking on the field of play.

Roxbury Apartment Fire May Be Linked to Failed Suicide Attempt

A six-alarm Roxbury apartment fire that injured 14 people and left many more homeless may have been started by a failed suicide attempt.

Mohamed Abdul Jabar, a 28-year-old Medford man, faces a number of criminal charges including attempted murder and arson after police fingered him as the cause of the blazing inferno, reports The Boston Globe. For injuring 14 people, destroying an apartment building, and leaving dozens of people homeless, Jabar could face a number of personal injury claims as well.

Medicare Open Enrollment and Reporting Medicare Fraud

This year, Medicare open enrollment begins about a month earlier. Starting October 15, and running until December 7, those over the age of 65 or younger people with disabilities will have a chance to change their Medicare Advantage or prescription drug plans for 2012.

Open enrollment basically gives you a chance to review your current Medicare plan and pick a different plan if it works better for you. This option is only available once a year, so you should choose wisely. In addition, as plans often change annually, you should review your current plans even if you were happy in the past year.

Pink Ribbon Fraud, Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month when you see pink and pink ribbons plastered on just about every product. Even NFL players sport pink shoes, gloves, and ribbons for one week of the month. However, you should watch out for pink ribbon fraud and those wanting to take advantage of this good cause.

Breast cancer advocates are warning consumers that buying merchandise emblazoned with a pink ribbon or pink packaging is no guarantee that your money will actually go to fighting the disease, reports Gatehouse News Service.

Whitey Bulger Costume Released for Halloween

Not everyone is amused by iParty's idea of a scary Halloween. The Dedham-based party supply retailer announced that it's selling the Whitey Bulger costume where anyone can dress up as the alleged murderer and FBI's most wanted fugitive. However, family members of Bulger's victims are not too happy with the costume, and Bulger himself may not be too happy about it either.

The controversial costume shows the Southie gangster wearing the orange prison jumpsuit with "Whitey" imprinted on the back, reports the Boston Herald. And already, iParty said that the costume is "popular" as people want to play the villain during Halloween.

Tree Falls on Car on Route 128

An unidentified woman was driving along Route 128 in Gloucester when a tree fell on her car. The woman was not injured, but her car had to be towed, reports The Boston Globe. While this accident may seem minor and simply an act of nature, there may still be legal liability.

Generally, no one is responsible for acts of God like unpredictable earthquakes, windstorms, or flooding. For example, if a flash flood sweeps your neighbor’s car into your house causing damage, your neighbor likely cannot be held liable for the damages. This is because the accident could not have been predicted and prevented, and it would be unfair to hold your neighbor responsible.

Criminal Charges in Fall River Drowning

In June, Marie Joseph drowned at Vietnam Veterans Memorial Pool. The Fall River drowning made national headlines, as her body was not discovered for days while the pool remained open to the public. Unbeknownst to swimmers, Joseph’s dead body floated beneath them as they enjoyed relief from the heat.

Now, criminal charges have been brought against two staff members of the pool, reports The Herald News. The charges are unrelated to the death of Joseph, which has been deemed an accidental drowning, and instead are for recklessly endangering children for keeping such a dirty pool where a dead body could not even be seen floating beneath the surface.

Turbulence Injuries at Logan

In two separate incidents, nearly 20 people suffered turbulence injuries on flights bound for, or diverted to, Logan International Airport.

Before 10 p.m. on Sunday, a Jet Blue flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico bound for Boston arrived at Logan with seven people reportedly injured from turbulence, reports The Boston Globe. Six people sustained physical injuries as a result of the turbulence and the seventh person suffered burns from spilt coffee.