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Family of Mark Bavis Settles September 11 Lawsuit

After a decade of litigation, the family of Mark Bavis decided to settle their wrongful death lawsuit against United Airlines. The September 11 lawsuit claimed that the airline was negligent in allowing the terrorists onboard.

Bavis was a professional hockey scout from Roslindale, reports The Boston Globe. On September 11, 2001, Bavis boarded United Flight 175 headed from Boston to Los Angeles. As you all know, the plane was hijacked and became the second plane to strike the World Trade Center.

In the aftermath of the terror attack, the government established a $7 billion Victim Compensation Fund that essentially settled potential lawsuits stemming from the attacks, reports the Globe. After almost ten years, the Bavis family was the lone holdout, refusing the settle their claim.

The family was steadfast in bringing to light the negligence by United Airlines they say contributed to the hijacking. The family claimed that airport screeners were negligent as they were completely unaware of a terror threat, let through the terrorists who could not speak English and thus couldn’t answer security questions, missed the fact that the terrorists carried weapons, and otherwise failed to perform their jobs, letting the five attackers onboard the airplane.

However, through years of litigation, United Airlines was able to convince a judge that it should only be held accountable for the deaths if it was shown that it failed to meet federal aviation standards — as opposed to showing that its airport screeners failed to perform their jobs. Bavis’s family thought that this new legal standard would have diminished their chances of winning and decided to settle instead of seeing their case “gutted” even further, reports the Globe.

The last of the September 11 lawsuits has ended a little over a decade after the attacks. The terms of the settlement for the death of Mark Bavis were not revealed. But regardless of the amount, the family probably considers the settlement a loss as they were not able to hold United Airlines legally accountable for the death of the hockey scout.

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