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September 2011 Archives

Little Tikes Recall

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Little Tikes have announced the recall of the Little Tikes Workshop and Tool Sets. This is the second recall of the same product after it was reported that children had choked on plastic toy nails.

In 2009, CPSC and Little Tikes announced the recall of the oversized plastic toy nails in workshop sets and trucks. The nails are either red or blue and are about 3 1/4 inches long by 1 1/4 inches in diameter. They have a large round head and plastic ridges.

Needham Train Hits Woman

A Needham train hit a woman at a MBTA stop. Sandra Gawlik was reportedly attempting to light a cigarette at Needham Center Station and walked right into the path of a moving train. She suffered serious injuries and is currently recovering at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Of anyone, Gawlik should have been aware of the dangers of a moving train. Or she may have been desensitized by the trains. The 44-year-old Gawlik worked at the Center Cafe, an establishment connected to the Needham Center Station, reports The Boston Globe. Presumably, Gawlik saw trains everyday and may have been too accustomed to their comings and goings to a point where she eventually ignored them.

Esplanade Assaults and Jogging Safety

Boston University is a big and crowded school. And one of the best ways to escape, if even for a few minutes, is to cross the pedestrian overpass and take a run along the Esplanade. For several miles, students and locals can run along the Charles River and see sites like the Hatch Shell.

But as Boston police have still not apprehended the man believed to be behind several Esplanade assaults, officials from several law enforcement agencies have teamed up to offer jogging safety tips to college students new to the area.

Family of Mark Bavis Settles September 11 Lawsuit

After a decade of litigation, the family of Mark Bavis decided to settle their wrongful death lawsuit against United Airlines. The September 11 lawsuit claimed that the airline was negligent in allowing the terrorists onboard.

Bavis was a professional hockey scout from Roslindale, reports The Boston Globe. On September 11, 2001, Bavis boarded United Flight 175 headed from Boston to Los Angeles. As you all know, the plane was hijacked and became the second plane to strike the World Trade Center.

Boston Celtics Coach Saves Life, Massachusetts Good Samaritan Law

Headline: Boston Celtics coach saves life on the pickup basketball court. Chuck Conley was fine one minute, and then collapsed the next when his heart stopped. Fellow player, and Celtics strength and conditioning coach, Bryan Doo sprang into action, remembering the defibrillator on the wall and used it to get Conley’s heart beating again, saving the man’s life.

A happy ending for both Conley and Doo. But what would have happened if Doo used that defibrillator improperly and created more injuries, or possibly even death? Beyond suffering emotional turmoil, Doo probably would not have been subject to any legal liability under Massachusetts Good Samaritan law.

Gabriel Josh-Cazir Pierre, Baby Left on Bus, Dies

The wrongful death lawsuit for the daycare death of Gabriel Josh-Cazir Pierre has not been filed yet, but you can bet it's coming. The 17-month-old boy was forgotten inside a sweltering van in Boston, dying a horrendous death. For the baby left on bus, the driver of the bus, his employer, and the daycare facility may all pay dearly for the tragedy.

Earlier this week, Luis Matos was making his morning rounds of delivering babies to daycare centers, reports USA Today. Somehow, in the hustle and bustle of making deliveries, Matos failed to realize that Pierre was still in the van and left him in a hot van on a hot summer day.

Woman Falls Through Roof in South Boston, Dies

A sad headline: young woman falls through roof in South Boston and dies. The unidentified woman, who was only in her twenties, fell nearly five stories through a skylight on the roof of 281 Summer Street.

The woman and a friend were standing on the roof of the building on Saturday night, reports The Boston Globe. The friend could not remember where exactly the victim was standing, but she apparently fell through an unmarked shaft on the roof.

Boston Hit and Run, What Not to do After a Car Accident

Mark McMullen was shot and killed by police after a Boston hit and run of a pedestrian. This was a textbook example of what not to do after a car accident.

The strange series of events started in Boston's Roxbury neighborhood, reports The Boston Globe. The 44-year-old McMullen apparently struck a woman at the corner of Blue Hill Avenue and Dewey Street. The accident was minor and the woman was neither injured nor hospitalized. However, instead of stopping to check up on the woman he had just struck, McMullen took off.

EEE Death in Raynham

A death caused by Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) has been reported in Massachusetts. Eighty-year-old Martin Newfield, a former Raynham Citizen of the Year, succumbed to the disease after being bit by a mosquito. This is the first reported EEE death since 2006.

Newfield was nine months removed from major heart surgery and after a recent visit to the doctor, he was declared to be in good health, reports The Enterprise. However, in the next ten days, Newfield contracted EEE and died.

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