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Main Cause of Traffic Accidents in Hingham? Tailgating Accidents

Hingham traffic data shows that the leading cause of traffic accidents leading to serious injuries in the town is tailgating. According to The Patriot Ledger, tailgating sent more people to the hospital than either speeding or drunk driving.

The Ledger reports that there were 851 car crashes in Hingham last year, with 93 of those accidents causing serious injuries. Of those 93 accidents, 30 were caused by tailgating. Surprisingly, only six serious crashes were caused by speeding and four by drunk driving. The second leading cause of serious car accidents was drivers who crossed into another lane, and the third leading cause was drivers who ran stop signs.

Tailgating generally means someone who follows too closely behind your car. We've all experienced it, and probably have even done some tailgating ourselves. Some reasons people tailgate may be to express frustration with a slow driver ahead or it may be due to distracted driving like texting or talking on the cell phone.

If you've been injured in a tailgating accident, you may be able to collect damages for your injuries if the driver who struck you was negligent or careless in causing the accident. Tailgating to express anger or tailgating due to distracted driving are both likely negligent behaviors.

Surprisingly, the primary cause of traffic accidents in Hingham is tailgating. Tailgating is a preventable behavior and those injured in a tailgating accident may be able to collect damages. To learn about your rights to collect in a car accident, you should consider consulting a personal injury attorney.

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