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Breast Implants Death After Procedure at Destination Beauty?

A 39-year old Framingham housekeeper died a day after she received breast implants at Destination Beauty Medspa. Results of an autopsy are pending for Adriana Paula Da Silva Toledo that can show whether the woman suffered a breast implants death.

According to MetroWest Daily News, Toledo went to Destination Beauty Medspa over the weekend for her surgery. Toledo was reportedly groggy following the surgery and fell in her bathroom the next day. She was taken to MetroWest Medical Center and was pronounced dead due to a clot in her heart, said doctors. An autopsy may determine whether that clot was related to the breast implants.

Destination Beauty Medspa is part of a growing trend of businesses that offer spa treatments like facials and massages along with medical procedures like liposuction, butt lifts, and breast implants, reports the Daily News.

Sanjeev Sharma runs the medspa and performed Toledo's surgery, and he has had no prior legal problems or malpractice claims against him, reports the Daily News. However, Sharma is also listed as a family physician with no special certification in plastic surgery.

The Daily News reports that it is not against the law for someone like Sharma to perform plastic surgery if his field of expertise is in a different area.

Right now, investigators are looking into the circumstances of Adriana Paula Da Silva Toledo's death. Neither Dr. Sanjeev Sharma nor Destination Beauty Medspa has been implicated in a possible breast implants death, but the proximity between surgery and death leaves open many questions.

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