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Children Injured in a Series of Boston Accidents

Several children injured in a series of unrelated summertime Boston accidents last week, as two children died while playing sports while a third was injured in the parking lot of a water park.

In Holden, The Boston Globe reports that a 12-year old boy collapsed and died while at soccer camp. Joshua Thibodeau was attending Zalgiris Soccer camp and was doing some light warm-up drills when he collapsed about 35 minutes into practice. An autopsy has been performed and may explain why the apparently healthy boy died. Officials said it was not particularly hot at the time of the accident and that there was plenty of water on hand.

On the same day, the Globe reported that a 7-year-old boy died as a result of injuries sustained at a Shrewsbury pool. Officials did not reveal what injuries the boy, Aaditya Basrur, suffered or what prompted his death. Basrur was attending the Camp Saint John day camp for children.

Finally, the Globe had earlier reported on an eight-year old Danvers boy injured in an automobile collision at a water park. The unidentified boy was struck by a school bus while in the parking lot of CoCo Key Hotel and Water Resort in Danvers. Apparently, the boy was getting into the back seat of his parent’s car when the school bus struck the car and pinned his hand in the car door.

So what do these unrelated accidents teach us? Were these injuries and deaths preventable?

As officials are still investigating all three incidents, it’s too early to have an absolute answer to either question. Still, parents should be aware that in some circumstances, their knowledge can help prevent injuries. For example, FindLaw has written “Ten Things to Think About: Preventing Childhood Injuries” — which includes a discussion on leading causes of childhood injuries, ways to prevent injuries, and even legal liability.

Children injured in Boston accidents dominated the headlines last week. As the temperature continues to climb, parents should be aware that there are steps they can take to protect their children as they go about their summertime activities.

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