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Boston Plane Crash Averted, Runway Collision at Logan Airport

A deadly Boston plane crash almost happened, as there was a runway collision between two planes preparing for takeoff at Logan Airport.

According to The Boston Globe, an Atlantic Southeast plane carrying 74 passengers bound for Raleigh-Durham collided with a much larger Delta flight bound for Amsterdam carrying 204 passengers as the two planes were preparing for takeoff.

Investigators are still investigating the accident, but it appears that the larger Delta plane struck the Atlantic Southeast plane, reports the Globe. No one was seriously injured in the accident, though dozens of emergency vehicles responded to the scene and one man was taken to the hospital after reporting neck pains.

The Globe reports that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is collecting information from data recorders on both aircraft as well as conversations between traffic controllers and the pilots to determine whether the proper instructions were given and followed.

As the FAA continues its investigation, it is worth noting that a 2007 federal study ranked Logan fourth in the nation in "runway incursions" -- or close calls involving planes that nearly collide. The report counted 30 near-collisions between 2001 and 2006. In total, the Globe reports that Logan had at least 117 incursions between 2000 and 2010, with at least 11 last year.

The federal government, through the FAA, is generally responsible for controlling air traffic. If there is a collision, the federal government may be responsible for injuries especially if the FAA and air traffic controllers did not do their jobs correctly.

A deadly Boston plane crash was narrowly averted. However, near runway collisions at Logan Airport happen much too frequently.

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