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Dog Bite Tips: How To Prevent Your Dog From Biting

National Dog Bite Prevention Week, which occurs between May 15 and May 21, is now coming to a close, according to Huffpost Green. But with 78 million pet dogs in the country and more than 4.5 million people who have suffered from dog bites or animal attacks, it is still important for Boston pet owners and lovers to learn how to prevent a dog from biting and how to avoid getting bitten.

"People get bitten because they see a dog they don't know," said Davie Dickinson of the Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation in California. "They go up to it and they think the first thing you should do is put their hand out and let the dog sniff your hand."

Yes, contrary to what most people may have heard about how you should greet a dog by reaching out and extending your hand to them, such an action can actually scare some dogs, especially if it is done by a stranger.

"The dog doesn't know you're reaching out in friendship ..." explained Dickinson. "A lot of times people get nipped that way. It's just the dog's way of saying, 'You're in my space. Stay away from me.'"

Patch writes that many dog attacks have sent many children and adults to the hospital, with some requiring surgery or leading to death. So how can Boston pet owners keep their dog from biting? Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Neuter or spay your pet.
  • Never let your dog roam freely. For instance, if you're going to give your pet a walk, make sure it stays on a leash.
  • Train your dog and learn how to manage your dog's interactions with other people.
  • Give your dog enough time to run around instead of keeping it chained somewhere in the backyard. A dog with no exercise is more likely to bite.

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