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Three Charged With Assault And Battery After Baby Shower Brawl

Most baby showers include things like baby naming games and punch and cookies. Not this one.

Lawrence Police Chief John Romero reported two individuals were stabbed during a shower held in a function hall on Broadway, according to The Boston Globe. The baby shower brawl supposedly began after Lawrence local Joselino Aiello, 21, struck fellow resident Jodi Caraballo, 37, in the head at the event.

Romero said Caraballo was found "bleeding profusely from the head" after the blow. Her husband, Raul Caraballo, then took out a 6-inch switchblade and stabbed Aiello, and a third man, 27-year-old Angel Concepcion, suffered injuries after he attempted to get the knife away from Raul. Police said none of the injuries were life-threatening.

Authorities arrested Raul Caraballo, Joselino Aiello, and another man, 22-year-old Benjamin Ferrer, who was charged with disorderly conduct and assault and battery.

Police had also charged Raul and Aiello with disorderly conduct, although Raul faces additional charges for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon while Aiello was accused of assault and battery and resisting arrest. All three men appeared to have been drunk when police arrived at the scene, said Romero.

Although the incident is currently being handled as a criminal case, it could also potentially lead to a separate civil suit if Jodi Caraballo decides to file an injury claim against Joselino Aiello for her injuries. A skilled personal injury lawyer can assess the case and determine what damages Caraballo might be entitled as a result of the attack.

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