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Heavy Snow Expected In MA, Residents Cautioned To Drive Safely

A snowstorm suddenly occurred in parts of the Northeast Friday morning, on April Fool's Day, after Mother Nature had initially graced with area with some warmth.

According to Boston Herald, 10 inches of snow began to pile in eastern New York and in parts of New England, creating a very slippery commute for those in New Hampshire, Maine, and southern Vermont.

But Brian Montgomery, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said the storm may be traveling farther east than some models originally predicted, which means that higher elevated areas in Vermont and western Massachusetts could receive the heaviest snow.

Forecasts in Boston predicted snow levels between 2 and 4 inches as the probability for rain is expected to decrease later in the afternoon. Three to 8 inches of snow is expected inland in northeastern regions of the Bay State and northern parts of Connecticut and Rhodes Island, while locals in Western Massachusetts could receive up to 10 inches to nearly a foot of snow.

Those located along the coast of Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Rhodes Island will likely get more rainfall or wet snow.

Boston residents are cautioned to remain alert while driving and be cautious of slippery roadways that could lead to a potential car accident as snowy and wet weather conditions often lead to more hazardous road conditions and higher risks for a crash or even a fatality to occur.

If you have been injured from a car accident caused by dangerous road conditions in Boston, consider speaking to a personal injury attorney who can inform you of your legal rights and options and explain the legal remedies may be available to you for your case.

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