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Slick Roadways Cause Multiple Car Crashes On Route 128

Several car accidents occurred on Route 128 this week as temperatures dropped to below freezing after the rain, causing ice to form on the roadways. State Police and the Peabody Fire Department were kept busy as they responded to a seven-car crash on Route 128 Southbound, close to the Lynnfield line.

The Peabody Patch reported the drivers were unable to avoid slamming into one another as they drove over slippery spots on the road, some of which were covered with black ice. Two people were injured from the inevitable series of crashes and were immediately taken to the Salem Hospital.

Soon after that accident, authorities had to attend to four-car collision on Route 128 Northbound near Exit 44. Slick and icy roads had also contributed to this accident, which also caused traffic to remain backed up in both directions of the highway for at least a mile. State Police reported no critical injuries occurred from the accident.

Fire Chief Steve Padson said most of the crashes on the highway were "just a bunch of fender benders from black ice" and had fortunately resulted in no serious injuries. Still, police officials advised Boston-area drivers to stay cautious and alert on the road as state Department of Highway sanders salt Route 128 in both directions to make the roads less slippery.

Dangerous weather and road conditions lead to a majority of car accidents, according to FindLaw. Hazardous roads can raise the severity of an injury from a minor one to a moderate or potentially fatal one and account for almost 31.4 percent of all nationwide crashes each year.

If you have suffered injuries from a car accident due to dangerous road conditions in Boston, seek legal counsel from an attorney who can explain your legal rights and determine the legal options and remedies available to you.

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