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T Worker Edward Rowe Injured After Falling Into Concrete Shaft

As some Boston residents may have heard, 46-year-old veteran MTBA electrician Edward Rowe Jr. from Haverhill suffered serious injuries after falling into a concrete shaft while working at the Charles Street Station. The Boston Herald reported Rowe fell 35 to 40 feet and had to undergo surgery for severe leg injuries at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The hole Rowe fell through was covered with wooden planks, but they apparently were not placed securely. The planks were found lodged into the concrete shaft a few feet down, and Engine 10 Fire Captain Richard Connelly said Rowe may have mistaken the wooden boards for metal, which covered most of the other holes.

T spokesperson Joe Pesaturo said Rowe, an employee for the T’s Power Department, fell as he was shutting off the power to the Red Line’s third rail. He was trapped in the hole for nearly an hour until firefighters were able to rescue him and pull him out of the concrete shaft.

Pesaturo said it was rare that wooden planks were used to cover those kinds of holes and explained the practice was only used in areas where the subway tracks were above Charles Circle. However, T General Manager Richard Davey ordered such procedures reevaluated and told the T workers to replace the wooden planks in the holes with metal covers.

In a case like Edward Rowe’s, employees who suffer injuries while on the job may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits, or workers comp, and get coverage for:

  • Permanent injuries;
  • Medical expenses from the injury (or resulting illness);
  • Lost income; and
  • Surviving family, if the worker is killed on the job.

To learn more about your legal options in acquiring workers’ comp after suffering injuries while working, seek legal counsel from a personal injury attorney.

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