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Snow No: Many Snow-Related Injuries, Near Misses

Boston is so overwhelmed by snow, ice, and more snow, that the whole city might feel like one big slip and fall lawsuit, just waiting to happen. This year's storms have been so bad, they are making the everyday winter accident worries a thing of the past. The Boston Globe reports no serious injuries in the past several days, but one very close call in Easton.

Workers in a commercial building reported becoming worried after hearing odd sounds, according to The Globe. One smart employee pulled the fire alarm, causing all 100 or so workers from the two businesses in the building to stream outside into the frigid weather. It was lucky they did, soon after, the warehouse's roof collapsed and the walls caved in.

"It was a bad scene; the building is a total loss,'' Easton Fire Captain David Beals said in a telephone interview with The Globe. Additional reporting by the paper tells of several snow-related injuries reported by the emergency room at Brigham and Women's last week, where hospital staff saw several slip-and-fall injuries, a heart attack from shoveling and even a man who lost several fingers trying to clear a snowblower.

Many of these snow-related injuries are just accidents. However, if building or premises owners are not doing their part to keep those on their property safe, they can be held legally liable, snowpocalypse or no. FindLaw reminds property owners that if conditions on their property cause an unnatural accumulation of ice or snow, the owner may be liable for slip and fall accidents.

In Boston and throughout the state, buildings should be maintained safely and snow should be cleared in accordance with the new requirements just handed down this past year by the Massachusetts Supreme Court.

The Globe reports that the highest snowfall total in the state Wednesday was 15.3 inches, recorded in Grafton. But take heart Boston, reports say Punxsutawney Phil says there will be an early spring.

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