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Red Line Rider Struck By Train At Cambridge Station

The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) has been kept busy dealing with a couple of recent accidents and other injury cases, according to the Boston Herald. Some Boston locals may have heard about one particular case involving an unidentified Red Line rider who was hit by a train at the Central Square T stop in Cambridge.

MBTA spokesperson Lydia Rivera reported that the victim was killed in the accident but could also not disclose how the Red Line rider landed in the train’s path, because police are still investigating the incident. The station remained closed for more than an hour as rescue personnel and police attempted to recover the victim.

The MTBA had to assemble and direct over 60 buses to move passengers around the scene of the accident. Authorities have not yet revealed the name, age, and gender of the victim pending the notification of the individual’s family.

Rivera also reported that an unidentified bus driver of the Route 435 bus was suspended for allegedly throwing a cup of coffee at a trucker in Lynn. The driver claimed the truck had cut him off and almost crashed into his vehicle close to Chestnut and Boston streets. The incident was followed by an argument, leading the bus driver to supposedly fling his cup of coffee inside the truck.

It is possible the train accident or even the altercation between the bus and truck driver could lead to a potential injury suit. However, an experienced Boston personal injury attorney could provide legal counsel in either case and determine the legal options and remedies available to the injured parties.

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