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Melvin Levine Dies One Day After Facing Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

The lawyer of former Children's Hospital pediatrician Melvin D. Levine, 71, said that his client passed away over the weekend, according to the Boston Herald. Levine's mysterious death was announced one day after a lawsuit filed last week in Suffolk Superior Court accused the former doctor of medical malpractice and sexual abuse of patients who were children.

Edward Mahoney, Levine's attorney, said "this entire episode" was "a tragedy," but did not provide any further comment on the circumstances relating to his client's death. However, Mahoney asserted that Levine's "care and treatment of all children was appropriate in all respects, and he steadfastly denied the allegations against him."

Carmen Durso, the plaintiffs' attorney, claimed Levine improperly examined child patients, many of whom were boys, when he worked at Children's Hospital between 1966 and 1985. The lawsuit also accused the hospital of negligence in failing to oversee and supervise Dr. Levine.

ABC 11 reported Melvin Levine's death has raised some questions as to whether or not some of the lawsuits against the doctor will still be pursued. Attorney Elizabeth Kuniholm, who represents almost a dozen of Levine's former patients in North Carolina, said her clients will not be able to sue Dr. Levine's estate following his death. However, Levine's former patients in Massachusetts will likely be able to continue with the lawsuit.

"In NC, the statute of limitations is very different than it is in Massachusetts," explained Kuniholm. "It is not as forgiving as it is in MA in situations like this where someone may have suffered abuse and molestation as a child."

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