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Christopher Ward Killed In Fatal Car Crash In Somerville

Police officials reported 19-year-old Christopher Ward from Woburn was killed in a fatal vehicle accident in Somerville after his car veered off of Route 93. Ward had apparently lost control of his car, which caused it to run through the guardrail and fall 30 to 40 feet before slamming onto the entry ramp for Route 28.

Ward's car was also immediately struck by a pickup truck as it fell to the ground, according to the Boston Herald. But 31-year-old Somerville resident Lawrence J. Capriotti Jr., who was driving the truck, failed to initially stop his vehicle after running into Ward's car.

Even though Capriotti later returned to the location of the accident, authorities said he could face potential charges for leaving the scene of a crash and causing personal injury. Drivers are typically required by state traffic laws to stop their automobile as soon as it is safe to so when a car accident occurs.

Drivers also have a legal responsibility to take practical steps to assist any injured person after a crash. A driver who leaves the scene of a crash, especially when it has caused injury or death, may be subject to serious criminal charges like a felony hit and run.

In Lawrence Capriotti’s case, however, authorities have not charged him with any offenses connected to the actual cause of the crash. But Capriotti may need to seek legal counsel from an MA personal injury lawyer in the event that Christopher Ward’s family decides to file an injury suit based on his failure to stop and help after his truck made contact with Ward’s car.

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