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February 2011 Archives

Red Line Rider Struck By Train At Cambridge Station

The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) has been kept busy dealing with a couple of recent accidents and other injury cases, according to the Boston Herald. Some Boston locals may have heard about one particular case involving an unidentified Red Line rider who was hit by a train at the Central Square T stop in Cambridge.

MBTA spokesperson Lydia Rivera reported that the victim was killed in the accident but could also not disclose how the Red Line rider landed in the train’s path, because police are still investigating the incident. The station remained closed for more than an hour as rescue personnel and police attempted to recover the victim.

Melvin Levine Dies One Day After Facing Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

The lawyer of former Children's Hospital pediatrician Melvin D. Levine, 71, said that his client passed away over the weekend, according to the Boston Herald. Levine's mysterious death was announced one day after a lawsuit filed last week in Suffolk Superior Court accused the former doctor of medical malpractice and sexual abuse of patients who were children.

Edward Mahoney, Levine's attorney, said "this entire episode" was "a tragedy," but did not provide any further comment on the circumstances relating to his client's death. However, Mahoney asserted that Levine's "care and treatment of all children was appropriate in all respects, and he steadfastly denied the allegations against him."

Melvin Levine Faces Class Action Lawsuit For Medical Malpractice

Attorney Carmen Durso filed a class action lawsuit in Suffolk Superior Court against Doctor Melvin D. Levine, a former Boston pediatrician, and the Children’s Hospital. The suit accused the doctor of committing medical malpractice and sexual abuse after he allegedly mistreated children who were patients, reported The Boston Globe.

Durso also claimed the hospital was negligent in not properly supervising Levine in over 40 cases during the last 20 years. The lawsuit stated Children’s knew, or should have known “in the exercise of reasonable care,” that “Levine was not a fit person to be placed in charge of the treatment of minor male pediatric patients, or to be allowed to provide unsupervised care.”

Peter Zacarelli Sues AMR For Gross Negligence After Sister's Death

Some Boston residents may have heard about Barbara Grimes, a 68-year-old Pembroke local who died of head injuries in January 2009 after falling off an American Medical Response stretcher that collapsed as it carried her.

The Boston Herald reported Grimes' brother, Peter Zacarelli, recently filed a lawsuit against AMR and accused the ambulance paramedics who attended to his sister of gross negligence. "I was supposed to visit my sister that afternoon, and I never got that chance to see her ever again," said Zacarelli. "They've got to be held responsible."

Summer Infant Inc. Baby Monitors Recalled For Strangulation Hazard

The government advised consumers to remain extra careful when using some of the 1.7 million baby monitors manufactured by Summer Infant Inc., a Rhodes Island-based company. According to Reuters, the electrical cords of these monitoring cameras can potentially strangle infants if placed too close to their crib.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalled the company's baby monitors after receiving reports concerning the deaths of two infants who were strangled by the device's cord. One 10-month-old girl was killed last March after the baby monitoring camera was placed on the crib's rail. The other baby, a 6-month-old boy from South Carolina, was also strangled in November.

Pothole Complaints On The Rise In Boston

Complaints about potholes on the roads are rising in Boston as the snow that once covered the streets begins to melt and ice gives way and creates hazardous craters on the ground. The Boston Herald reported pothole complaints in Beantown have sharply increased this month from 116 during the first week of February to 185 this past week.

The city expects to get over 500 complaints this month as drivers continue to find more hazardous gaps on the roads. Complaints have been rushing in from Jamaica Plain all the way down to Southie, keeping Boston city work crews incredibly busy as they scramble to fill in as many potholes as possible.

Christopher Ward Killed In Fatal Car Crash In Somerville

Police officials reported 19-year-old Christopher Ward from Woburn was killed in a fatal vehicle accident in Somerville after his car veered off of Route 93. Ward had apparently lost control of his car, which caused it to run through the guardrail and fall 30 to 40 feet before slamming onto the entry ramp for Route 28.

Ward's car was also immediately struck by a pickup truck as it fell to the ground, according to the Boston Herald. But 31-year-old Somerville resident Lawrence J. Capriotti Jr., who was driving the truck, failed to initially stop his vehicle after running into Ward's car.

Snow No: Many Snow-Related Injuries, Near Misses

Boston is so overwhelmed by snow, ice, and more snow, that the whole city might feel like one big slip and fall lawsuit, just waiting to happen. This year's storms have been so bad, they are making the everyday winter accident worries a thing of the past. The Boston Globe reports no serious injuries in the past several days, but one very close call in Easton.

Workers in a commercial building reported becoming worried after hearing odd sounds, according to The Globe. One smart employee pulled the fire alarm, causing all 100 or so workers from the two businesses in the building to stream outside into the frigid weather. It was lucky they did, soon after, the warehouse's roof collapsed and the walls caved in.

Commission Made To Review MA General Laws To Address Bullying

The office of Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley reported that the state's new bullying prevention law recently developed the Commission to Review Statutes Relative to Implementation of the School Bullying Law.

This legislation calls for the investigation of the state's General Laws to determine whether any need revision and examines the responsibility and liability of parents in order to address the issues related to bullying and cyber-bullying. The law requires that the new commission "report to the general court the results of its investigation and study and its recommendations, if any."

Is Boston Really The Least Bike-Friendly City In The Country?

Authorities reported a 74-year-old cyclist was killed in a fatal crash in Boston after being struck by a white sedan. The incident allegedly happened at a time when the sun's glare can cause drivers problems as they turn on Herald Street, and the driver of the sedan was supposedly facing that direction. Police did not cite the driver for the accident.

There have been at least three fatal bicycle accidents in Boston during the last two years, according to The Boston Globe. Many other bicyclists have suffered critical injuries or have been left in serious condition after a car accident. Bicycling Magazine has often rated Boston as the least bike-friendly city in the country.