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Class Action Suit Claims New Balance Shoes Do Not Tone

California local Bistra Pashamova filed a lawsuit in Boston’s U.S. District Court against New Balance, a sneaker company based in the city. The lawsuit alleged that the shoe maker mislead consumers to believing that its popular toning shoes, which cost about $100, would help develop a firmer rear-end and legs.

Pashamova also claimed that other people were also harmed by New Balance’s false representation of its product, in the class-action suit seeking in excess of $5 million in damages. The Boston Globe reported the company’s toning shoes had been designed with an unstable sole, which causes a person’s leg muscles to work harder and maintain balance while doing everyday activities.

New Balance promoted the shoes and asserted that they intensified muscle activation by nearly 27 percent. They also said the footwear’s rounded or flexible spring sole helped increase calorie burn by up to 10 percent with every step. However, numerous consumers complained about the shoes despite the company’s advertising.

The American Council on Exercise held a study last summer and found that New Balance’s toning shoes failed to live up to its claims of offering better physical benefits. Several reports have also raised concerns that the sneakers may be causing more harm to consumers as opposed to actually toning their muscles.

The class action lawsuit claims Bistra Pashamova and other consumers had fallen victim to New Balance’s advertising claims and “suffered injury in fact and lost money as a result.” The suit said it sought to “correct the false and misleading perception New Balance created in the minds of consumers” and “obtain redress” to those who purchased the shoes.

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