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Tow Truck Crashes Into Roxbury Apartment Building

The Boston Transportation Department tow truck crashed into a building on St. James Street in Roxbury on Monday and remains stuck there, according to the Boston Globe. Work is still in progress to ensure the building does not give way once the truck is pulled out. Authorities are also continuing to investigate the scene.

The tow truck driver told police officials his brakes had failed when he slammed into the building. Witnesses said the truck was not speeding when the accident occurred. Transportation Commissioner Thomas Tinlin reported nothing has been found thus far that suggests the truck had any maintenance problems, and the driver has no information on his record that indicates he was a bad driver.

The front of the tow truck is jammed into the ground-floor of the apartment building on St. James, which lies in the middle of a steep hill. Neighbors said many drivers have passed through the street, using it as a shortcut.  As for the six families who lived in the building complex, Thomas Tinlin said they have been moved elsewhere for the time being. Rescue workers had forced the residents to evacuate the building.

Boston police officer James Kenneally said no citations have yet been issued in the case, and no injuries stemming from the accident have been reported. It also remains unclear as to whether the driver faces any charges and if the displaced families have considered filing an injury suit to recover damages. A Boston personal injury attorney can help determine what legal options these families have and find a legal remedy to compensate for their losses.

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