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Statute Of Limitations In Boston For Injury Claims

Personal injury suits in Boston can be filed for various types of cases ranging from car accidents, defective products, assault, and wrongful death. If you are considering filing a tort suit for an accident or injury, one key thing to keep in mind is the legal rule of "statute of limitations." This means that legal claims for injuries must be filed within a certain time limit.

Injured parties in Boston will lose their right to sue if they do not file their claim within three years from the time they realized they had suffered harm and recognized the nature of the harm. This is commonly referred to as the "discovery of harm" rule.

Consider a patient who did not realize that a surgeon had left a temporary bandage in their stomach during surgery until he or she underwent another surgical procedure years later. In a medical malpractice suit, the statute of limitations may begin the day the patient "discovered" the surgeon's mistake rather than when the first surgeon actually made that error.

Minors who sustain injuries from an accident may only file a claim once they reach the age of 18. The statute of limitations for a suit by a minor also applies once they are of legal age. For example, if Lucy was injured in a car accident at 17, she will have four years instead of three to file a claim for that accident under the MA statute of limitations.

The type of personal injury claim may also affect the time limit for your case, and an experienced MA personal injury attorney can determine whether your claim is within the proper statute of limitations under state law. For more information on how to proceed with an injury suit, visit the Related Resources links.

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