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Tips To Help Reduce Sports and Brain Injuries

While sports participation helps children learn the importance of teamwork and exercise, Bloomberg reports children's sports also have one of the highest rates of injuries. The U.S. National Institutes of Health revealed nearly 38 million kids and teenagers are involved in organized sports. Safe Kids USA, an advocacy group, said one out of ten young sports athletes requires medical attention for a sports injury.

Most sport-related injuries in Boston may result in bruises, sprains, head injuries, and sometimes death. According to CBS News, concussions and dehydration are also common factors that may lead to serious sports injuries. Concussions can alter the way the brain normally works, and many doctors recommend that children do not return to play until they are properly treated.

Safe Kids USA began an educational program supported by Johnson & Johnson, which focuses on educating coaches, children, and parents on how to reduce sports injuries. The program draws attention to how injuries can be prevented, according to pediatrician Dr. Jamie Freishtat and spokesperson for the organization.

Freishtat and Dr. John Hurley, who also works with Safe Kids USA, offers the following tips for parents to help prevent injuries:

  • Get a pre-participation physical for your child, even if it's not required;
  • Promote realistic goals, like teambuilding and developing friendships, over unrealistic goals like perfection;
  • Mix up sports. Cross-training and strength conditioning, for example, is good and helps reduce over-use injuries; and
  • Make sure your child is using proper equipment.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a brain or other sports-related injury as a result of an accident, contact an experienced Boston personal injury lawyer who can determine whether you are entitled to any legal remedies. For general information, visit the Related Resources links.

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