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Kevin Kelley's Family Files Wrongful Death Suit

According to the Boston Globe, the family of Boston firefighter Kevin Kelley has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against six companies who were contracted by the city to take care of the braking systems on the fire truck Kelley died in the year before. Boston Fire Department Ladder 26 experienced disastrous brake failure, causing the fire truck to roll down Parker Hill Avenue. The vehicle smashed through a brick wall and led to Kelley's immediate death.

The lawsuit claims the companies were completely negligent, installed the wrong parts, offered faulty brake work, and failed to recognize the mistakes with thorough inspection. The suit alleges the companies' negligence affected the truck's inability to stop and caused the fatal collision that killed Kevin Kelley. It also says that over time, the defendants improperly set up and replaced the brake linings with the wrong parts.

Philip D'Angelo, the president of Broadway Brake and one of the companies included in the suit, stated the company "didn't really do anything to that vehicle." Damien Diesel president Damian Frattasil, another defendant, said his company never worked on the brakes and only "looked at" the truck's engine. "Anybody that even looked at anything with that truck has been pulled into this mess," Frattasil said.

A 2009 investigation report said the brake failure that caused the crash may have been a result of years of "insufficient and substandard" maintenance. Kevin Kelley's widow Gloria and his daughter Susan filed the wrongful death lawsuit in Suffolk Superior Court and seek unspecified damages.

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