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Karen Tucker Pleads Guilty to Bridal Show Scam

Karen M. Tucker, the Pittsburg native who engineered a bridal show scam in Boston, agreed to plead guilty to charges of identity theft and federal wire fraud, according to the Boston Globe. Prosecutors will ask a federal court judge to sentence Tucker with 36 to 47 months of jail time in a plea bargain.

Though Karen Tucker's case falls under criminal law, a Boston personal injury attorney can tell you that fraud can also be filed as a civil suit for victims seeking recovery in damages. False representation of a matter of fact that misleads or is meant to deceive another person is generally considered fraud.

In this case, Tucker pretended to be "The Boston 411," a company supposedly booking the Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center for a bridal expo in March. She collected fees from advertisers and exhibitors who believed thousands of would-be brides and grooms prepaid to come to the event. Each vendor paid $350 to $4,000, most of which was spent on Karen Tucker's personal expenses.

The identity theft charge against Karen Tucker came from police reports stating she stole the name and credit card number of a Miami victim to pay for a Boston 411 website. In registering for a account, Tucker used the name of another victim from York, PA. Prosecutors said the Boston fraud was part of Karen Tucker's bigger plan to perform the same con trick in cities like Las Vegas, Baltimore, and Dallas-Fort Worth. The plea agreement will be presented in a week or two in a Boston federal court.

If you have been affected by fraud, look for a Boston personal injury attorney to review your case. You can also browse the Related Resources links to learn more about fraud.

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